Cashing In On Conscious Online Money, Business Apps De-Mystified, And Strong Living With Nikki Sharp | VRR E06

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Nikki Sharp is a life expert. She has built an international following and successful online business, she has a “most downloaded” app on iTunes (The 5-Day Detox) and is about to be a published author. Nikki’s soon to be released hardcover book, (The 5-Day Real Food Detox),  is a pioneering formula for detoxing your body while actually eating food instead of fasting or juicing. Like many of us, at one time in her life, Nikki was overwhelmed by the grinding demands of work and decided she was going to create positive changes for herself. After being laid off instead of going through another draining job interview Nikki decided to begin writing out the life she wanted to live. Once she she was satisfied with the plans she had drawn up she began to work on small steps to achieve her design. Through challenges, tough times and moments of doubt Nikki rose above it all to be sharper, stronger and fulfilled with the lifestyle she was creating for herself. Nikki brings proven practices to improve your health and your wealth. She is an online marketing expert, a fitness mastermind and dynamic teacher. She created an app from scratch which literally brought the publishing world to her feet. In speaking with Nikki she laid out, with nothing held back, how to build your list of clients for-profit, how to build your own app and what to focus on in order to achieve online business success. Nikki Sharp blends the ideal balance of sound living with killer business instincts and then goes one step further by showing you exactly how she does it. Join Nikki Sharp on Vibration Rising Radio to hear the inside story on how a single woman with no special privileges is building a virtual empire from the ground up, how she is making headlines with a new way of detoxing, getting published, is helping improve hundreds of thousands of lives and stays centered to enjoy the ride.

Here’s What Else You Will Get from Nikki’s Interview:

  • What to do when you lose your job and want to reclaim your life
  • A virtual walk through on detoxing and making money
  • Real world examples of online marketing success
  • Step by step blueprint to building your own business app
  • Finding a niche to write and sell an e-book to successfully
  • Goal setting for breakthrough success where passion and profits mix
  • Using Snapchat and Instagram to promote your business and products
  • How to take a 30 page e-book and create a 300 page published work
  • Integrating your health with your wealth
  • What really works when it comes to losing weight and changing the way you look at eating
  • Out of the tunnel and into the light of business apps
  • The marketing formula for profitable app launching and post customer care
  • Filling gaps in your market and creating products to service them
  • Making sure you don’t reinvent the wheel the market research you need to be doing
  • Identifying your audience and what you will sell them
  • Online resources to mentor your path from dream concept to reality
  • Overcoming the fear of social media dislikes, of business failure and judgement
  • How to transform negative energies which hold you back into fuel for getting what you want
  • How deepening your yoga practice brings success faster to your life
  • Discover the mindset to opening your eyes to the lifestyle you most want
  • Follow the concept of using your business as a spiritual teacher
  • The social media steps you need to take
  • And much more…

The links, videos, books and resources mentioned in this episode are:

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The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
Thrive Magazine
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