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Dear ERS Speaker,

Thank you for your dedication to supporting seekers globally on their journey to emotional freedom. We are thrilled to welcome you as a speaker in the Emotional Release Summit.

Our community is hungry to learn a rich variety of modalities and techniques for finding more emotional freedom and release in this human experience. You have been chosen as a speaker because we value your expertise in your modality, and we look forward to learning more about how your healing technique awakens more freedom in this life. Interviews should be focused on the practical as well as mystical; layering theory and strategy.

We will get your message to thousands of seekers from around the world who are passionate about personal liberation and self awakening. And we look forward to meeting your community as well. May this be a powerful mutually beneficial event - spreading your message and expanding the reach of all participating parties. 

In order to participate, please read ALL of the below and complete the necessary action pieces as soon as possible....



Here is how this works:



Be interviewed on video (30-40 minutes).

NOTE: Interviews to be completed from Dec 7 - Dec 16. Adi will send you a ZOOM meeting invite link once you schedule your call.


We will send you your unique affiliate link shortly (if you request it in the above form). This is the link you can share with your community to let them know of the event and what will secure your commissions.


To participate, you must notify your email list 2x of the event - once for the summit in general and once for your interview specifically that invites them to upgrade with your unique affiliate link for post-conference upgrade commission.  Enjoy a 50% commission on the upgrade and any digital products and / or 10% on our events in Costa Rica.  

You will receive email templates that you can use to share with your email list with your commission link.


Receive commission February 1, 2018.

Timeline for summit:

December 7 - 16 - Interviews to be completed and all necessary description, links, headshot, bio, etc submitted

January 8 - 14  - Inviting community to Telesummit

January 15 - 19 - Summit Dates

January 26 - Deadline for clients to sign up for post-conference upgrades

February 1 - Commission Pay Out via Paypal

Questions? Email support@passionyogaschool.com