8: Not getting customers? Get nasty with your niche


What up? Namaste to my yogis, my sisters, my brothers, and all my conscious entrepreneurs out there working to make their passion their paycheck. I’m Adi Shakti, the Six Figure Yogi and I have been sent to elevate and empower you. I bridge the gap between old school, big business secrets, and your new paradigm creation. Consider me your Hippie Business Strategist and your new best friend. Be sure to head over to sixfigureyogi.com. That’s S-I-X figureyogi.com for your free Online Marketing and Conscious Business Growth eCourse with yours truly. Grab your kombucha, turn down your Grateful Dead, and get ready to take notes.

Namaste and welcome. This is Adi Shakti. This is Six Figure Yogi. I want to start by giving a huge shout out to Kwin Dean. She’s one of our gradates of our 200 hour yoga teacher training and self-empowerment course here in the jungle of Costa Rica and she is starting her new moon Shakti divine feminine healing circles in Calgary, Canada. She just launched her first program and I am so incredibly proud of her, so I just wanted to give a shout out to Kwin. I’m really, really proud of you Kwin.

Today I want to talk about the niche market. I have gotten some questions in from you guys around your biggest fears and resistance in relationship to getting new customers. It’s a huge fear that a lot of you have in your businesses is moving toward more customers. I wanted to talk a little bit today about how to really position yourself to ensure that you will have customers in your conscious business.

The first thing that you need to do is be on fire, to be passionate, to be in your genius own, to be in a place where you feel empowered. You do that through defining your why, through defining what it is and getting really clear about exactly what it is that makes you super excited. When you're in that place of your genius own, when you're feeling inspired and expansive and blissful and playful and fearless, that is the place that you need to be in to attract people to you.

Sitting with your why and figuring out exactly why it is that you are here on this planet is step 1 and moving towards your niche. For example, I am very clear now that my why on being here is to support and uplift the empowerment and awakening of the divine feminine on the earth. Through these conscious business education courses I’m supporting you as conscious entrepreneurs and women stepping into your power as business leaders, through my yoga teacher training and self-empowerment courses I am helping women dive into their trauma, release patterns that no longer serve them so that they can get clear in their connections with god, through the Maha Shakti Center we’re uplifting other facilitators and coming in to be able to offer whatever it is that lights them on fire. There’s lots of different ways in my life that I’m working towards uplifting and awakening the divine feminine.

I have this crazy burning passion and it’s like a fire. My job as a conscious entrepreneur is to figure out how I take that burning passion and I put it into something that I can package and that I can then monetize to support myself with that green energy back into my family so that I continue to live the lifestyle that I want to live. How I do that is by asking and by listening. Via my passion I am able to define my ideal client avatar or that person that I really want to uplift, that person that I really want to support.

Then once I have an idea of what that ideal client avatar, who that ideal customer is, then I need to listen in very deeply into what it is that they are asking for, what their deepest fears, what their deepest desires are, and then I’m creating services, I’m creating opportunities for people once I’ve listened into what it is that they need. I’m listening to my students throughout the course of my trainings, I’m listening to my facilitators and I’m modifying my format, I’m modifying what it is that I’m doing to make sure that I’m meeting the needs of the people that I’m here to serve.

You can ask in a lot of different ways. You just want to listen. When you're in an environment, for us, when we’re in at festivals, when we’re at conferences around yoga, when we’re out in the community at women circles, we’re listening to the language that people are using, we’re listening to what their needs and desires are. Then we’re then able to come back to the drawing board and start to create things that are going to serve them. As you're out in the world and as you're spending time with your ideal client avatar, listen to what it is that they’re saying.

You can also for those of you that do have a list or that are working on a list you can send a survey out to your list and ask them exactly what it is that they would like. They know you. They know what your passions are. A lot of you are already working on building a significant online platform, so they’ve been following you for a bit. Ask them what it is that they would buy from you, ask them how it is that you could be of most service to them.

Google Forms is a great tool for developing a survey and it’s a free tool. You can check that out, Google Forms. Or you can just make it your Facebook status, ask out, if I were to lead a retreat where would you want to go, if I were to offer a certification course, exactly what it is, what is it that you want to study. You're asking out into your ideal client avatar space what it is that they want.

Then as you move forward and creating your packages, as you move forward and creating your services, you're doing it knowing that there is some interest, you're using language that you’ve already heard, you're filling the needs and you're addressing the fears that you have already heard and that you have experience with. Sometimes we get really excited in our passion and we start to manifest packages and we begin to manifest services of things that we think that people need or that we maybe need ourselves, and so we’re throwing that out there into this space and then we’re not really getting, we’re not catching any fish. It’s important that you have your passion, you have your purpose, but then you're using your ideal client avatar as a tool for getting to shape and package exactly what it is that would actually be monetizable, that would actually serve you in growing your business.

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Namaste and welcome back, this is Adi Shakti, the Six Figure Yogi. Now you’ve defined your passion, you know your why, you’ve spent some time asking your audience, asking your ideal client avatar what it is that they want, what are their fears, what are their desires, and how can you use your passion to begin to package a product or a service that will fulfill those desires, those dreams and address those fears. You want to get super specific then. Yoga retreats are a dime a dozen, yoga retreats in Bali, yoga retreats in Costa Rica, yoga retreats in Florida, yoga retreats here, yoga retreats there.

Once you have an established name and once you have an established following, it might be, it’ll get a lot easier obviously for you to begin to fill those programs, but especially as you get started you want to make sure that you have a very specific niche, that you are known for something very, very particular and that people can come to you for that specific service to address that specific need that they have.

For us, we’re moving towards developing programs designed to help women balance their lunar cycles, through balancing the cycle throughout the year, through balancing the cycle throughout their life. We are really, really in the business of women’s empowerment, women’s balancing, holistic women’s health, and so we listen in on what people in our community are asking for and then we on our end go back to the drawing board and make sure that we’re developing things that are going to fulfill those needs.

For you, just think about what is your why and then develop something that’s very, very specific, that addresses very specifically a certain fear or a certain desire, and begin to offer that out into the community. Once you have your specific niche, you have your specific retreat, or you have your specific service, then you can start to see what other people are doing out in the online space or out in the world that is similar to what it is that you are offering.

From that place very often you can start to see reviews of those services. So you can see the issues perhaps that some of the clients are having with those services or you start to see the types of conversations that are happening around those types of services, and you can make sure that you're addressing those on your end. You can go to the websites or you can go to these, any way that you can start to learn a little bit about other people in your space doing similar sorts of things, and then things that you don’t quite like that you can make better, you can start to do that. You're listening to the types of language that they’re using and you can really expand on and make these types of things your own.

You do want to be aware of what else is going on in your niche space and do your best as a conscious entrepreneur to allow what other people are doing. You're not copying. It’s important. I don’t want to say that you're copying, but to be aware and to see what’s working for them and maybe what’s not working for them, and to take that knowledge and to take that wisdom as you begin to prepare your products, as you begin to prepare your offering.

You want to make sure that you're using the language of your avatar as you begin to package. This goes into copyrighting or this goes into the language that you're using in your emails, the language that you're using on your website. You want to use the language of your avatar. Our avatar, there’s lots of language around, alchemy, or divine femininity, or transformational experiences, or raising collective vibration. These are the types of words that our ideal client avatar uses.

We want to make sure on our end that we are using that kind of language as we address our client avatar because we want to resonate and we want our ideal client to understand that we know their fears, we understand their desires, and that we’re working very hard on our end to create transformational experiences for them to move through these fears, to move through these desires, to really begin to open up and manifest the life of their dreams.

We do that through our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training programs here in Costa Rica. We do that through our immersions that we have here in the jungle. We really want to help women elevate. Everything that we do is infused with this wisdom that we’ve gained through the last couple of years of being in business and really deeply listening to exactly what it is that our clients want. From that place we have our passion, so kind of walking through this from the very beginning, so you have your passion, your fiery passion. You are then defining that passion in a more specific way, and then you are listening in and asking your ideal client avatar what it is that they want that relates to that passion.

From that place you're starting to create the package and then you start to get into the science of actually creating the package. That’s when you're moving into using the language of your ideal client avatar, you're moving into different website psychology, different things that you can do on your website and in your social media, and different tools that you have to start to most effectively communicate and sell those services and packages.

If you are listening and if your intention is to be fully of service to your client and if you are creating packages based on people expressing to you that they have those needs, they have those fears, they have those desires, and they would be willing to pay you for those services, it is going to significantly increase the likelihood that you are going to be able to meaningfully monetize your services. Be in touch with your clients. Know your clients intimately. These are the people that are going to serve you and these are the people that you are here to serve.

It’s extremely important as a conscious entrepreneur that you're paying very close attention to those comments on Facebook, to those messages that you're getting, to those emails that you are getting. What are the types of questions that they’re having, what are the types of things that they’re expressing to you, and how can you use your platform and how can you develop services and products that are going to address all of those things as they bring them to your attention. I hope that’s helpful for you guys. It’s extremely important to me that you are able to step into your power as a conscious entrepreneur. I am Adi Shakti, the Six Figure Yogi, and I will see you next time.

Thank you so much for empowering me to be a part of your journey to abundance. My work is to be of service fully and completely, and that would not be possible without you trusting and letting me in. Be sure to head over to sixfigureyogi.com, that’s S-I-X figureyogi.com, for your free Online Marketing and Conscious Business Growth eCourse. You’ve got this. I believe in you, and I’ll see you next time. Namaste.

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