19: Batching is better than B****ing

What up and namaste to my yogi's my sisters, my brothers, and all of my conscious entrepreneurs out there working to make their passion their paycheck. I'm Adi Shakti with Six Figure Yogi and I have been sent to elevate and empower you. I bridge the gap between old-school big business secrets and your new paradigm creation. Consider me your hippie business strategist and your new best friend. Be sure to head over to sixfigureyogi.com, that's S-I-Xfigureyogi.com for your free online marketing and conscious business growth e-course with yours truly. Grab your kombucha, turn down your Grateful Dead, and get ready to take notes.

Namaste and welcome. This is Adi Shakti the Six Figure Yogi. Thank you so much for listening in today. I have a very important topic that I want to talk about with you today and that is the art of batching and the art of really getting control of your calendar. As a conscious entrepreneur, it is super important, as I'm sure you are aware, to remain consistent. In order to remain consistent sometimes that's really challenging. Right? Life happens, we have travel, we have family commitments, we get distracted. I personally go through stages of intense inspiration and creativity and I have this fire in me maybe for a month, but then I go down, and I don't have as much moving in me, and I need to use that part of my cycle to reground and nourish myself. It's hard, right? When you're in a place where you're not feeling super motivated to put out quality content, to offer your best out into the world, when you are feeling not super inspired. We really, at the same time, we to make sure that we are taking advantage of these times that we are super inspired. It's kind of finding that fine line. I really believe that, as a woman in business, honoring the cyclical nature of the year, of the moon, of our own unique cycle is really important and really valuable.

We can't expect ourselves to be on and ready 24/7, and that's the wisdom of the woman. Understanding when it's time to rest, really tuning into these natural rhythms of nature, rather than this kind of go, go, go that is the solar, or the masculine kind of way of doing business, 9 to 5 50 weeks out of the year rain, shine, sleet, or snow. We're starting to move away from that and we can really take advantage of our creative peaks so that we can rest into those stages of our life where we need to be resting and rejuvenating so that we are even more available during our creative peaks to  maximize our potential for creation. All of that theory around what it is to be a woman in business but then how does that actually relate to the relationships that we have with our clients? I think that an important place to start is to start to make commitments around what it is that you are going to be offering out into the world. For me, I really like to engage with my audience daily via some sort of social media post, whether it be Facebook, and now I'm really trying to get into Instagram more, and that's a way.

I'm staying top-of-mind time, I'm sharing my daily experience, I'm sharing my passion, I'm sharing my ideas. It's a way for me to really build my brand with those that follow me online in that way. It's a pretty simple one. Even that can be batched. You can use a service, we use a service called Buffer B-U-F-F-E-R, and it is a great service that I can stock up on a series of Instagram posts, which is new with Buffer, or Facebook posts, or Twitter, which I don't do but I know many of you do, that you can actually schedule these things so that you can focus on it, be inspired, and crank out whatever you need for the week, or the month, or however you want to make sure you are engaging with your community. That's one way to do that through social media. Maybe you're committing one day on your calendar, I use Google Calendar, it's a great resource, one day out of the month or maybe one day out of the week that you are scheduling your social media posts, and you're making sure that you're sticking to that.

As a woman, and I hope that many of you are very familiar with the four stages of your female cycle, but during ovulation specifically, it is the point of the month where we are feeling the most creative, we're feeling the most excited, we're feeling the most sexy and extroverted. That's a really wonderful time to schedule these types of activities around your business so that you can know that your energy is going to be good, and you're going to be really feeling juicy quite literally, and able to really create something beautiful and powerful for your audience. Planning to do things like that around that time can be wonderful for you. Another thing that's important to batch is as you are starting to commit to blogging, or video blogging, or whatever kind of regular content that you are sticking to in regards to building your SEO, you want to make sure that you have a solid batching system for that as well. I'll speak about that after the break.

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Namaste. Welcome back. This is Adi Shakti, the Six Figure Yogi. We talked a little bit about batching for social media and you can listen in on some of the podcasts before just to figure out what types of things you actually want to be putting on social media. It's really important that you are using your social media platform as a place to educate, as a place to inspire, that of course sometimes you are introducing a paid offerings, but we definitely don't want to just be screaming,"Buy my stuff, buy my stuff, buy my stuff." Maybe you are every one of every 20 of your posts is giving someone an opportunity to actually do business with you. Maybe you're keeping their mind up as you are setting up your batch series as well. Then when we look at blogging, what I have I have this podcast and I haven't been great the last couple of months about keeping my consistency.

I'm leaving here for a stint, a vacation: I'm going to Africa, and then I'm going to England, and then I'm back in the States, and I'm going to see Beyoncé in Tennessee, and then I come back here for program, and then I'm going... where am I going? I'm going to Mexico, and then I'm going to LA, and then I'm going to Peru by the end of November, and then I'm going to Denver, and then I'm going to Indianapolis for Christmas, and then I'm taking my mom on our annual trip, it's a surprise and I'm not going to say where it is. It's crazy. Things are getting crazy for me. I had to sit down and decide, "Okay, now I have some free time, I have some space," and so I'm batching these podcasts. I'm committed to putting out one a week. I'm able to record them, to get them all ready, to get them uploaded, to get my graphics done, all of that stuff I'm able to do over the course of a week. Then I'm able to have these continuously running through the rest of the year.

That's the Six Figure Yogi. Then with Passion Yoga School, we have Empowered Goddess series where we feature inspiring female leaders and they share their personal stories, more specifically around their core wounds, and how those have empowered them to get them to where they are today. We also have behind the Asuana, which is a video series where it's a weekly video with me and I'm educating students on some topic around yoga or holistic health. Then we're starting this student Spotlight series as well where we are hosting our past students on Passion Yoga School, and profiling them, and showing what they are up to after they graduated from our programs.

We're putting all of that content on the website and it's full of keywords, it's great information, and that is also kept up with and posted a couple times throughout the week, throughout year just to keep activity on our website, which is increasing our ranking on Google, it upping our SEO, it's also a way for us to meaningfully stay in touch with our community. It's important that you have a schedule, that you are figuring out what it is that's important to you, and you are building some sort of batching schedule around that. What I recommend that you do is you take out a calendar with your entire year, you're looking at it month by month by month, and you're trying to figure out what exactly it is that you want to commit to. What is it that you want to offer out into your community on a consistent basis to continue to build that relationship? Are you committing to a post a week? Are you committing to daily Instagram ideas? Are you committing to a podcast like what I've committed to? What is it? Then make the point to decide what your launch dates are, when you are actually going to release all of these things, put all of that on your calendar, and figure out how many it is that you need.

From that place you can pick a certain day, or maybe quarterly you sit down for two days and record all of your podcasts, and then you batch those out, and schedule those out through WordPress or through Squarespace through the end of the quarter. At the beginning of the next quarter you're sitting down and doing them, or are you committing one day a week to sitting down and doing it, and launching it at that time? Just figuring it out. If we are sloppy with it and we don't have a commitment, and, "Oh, we will do it when we get to it," building your content can really get buried under the day-to-day. Your students are having questions, or you have to meet with your accountant, you have to meet with your lawyer, you get sucked into Facebook, or you get sucked into your own education.

Whatever it these are all powerful things but you need to make sure that you are committed to providing the value for your clients and releasing regular quality consistent content is super important for building your audience space, and putting more hooks out there, and opportunities for people who are passionate about your work to find you. Taking the time to decide what it is that you are willing to commit to, putting out some sort of calendar for yourself as to when it is that you are going to be releasing these things, and then the next step is sitting down and deciding when it is that you will be creating this content, and then batching it all out if that's the strategy that you're going to use.

You can take that to the next level and look at your feminine cycle, if you are a woman entrepreneur, and figure out when in the month would be a good time for you to be creating this stuff because you don't want to force it because then it feels forced. You really want to be feeling inspired, and connected, and ready and passionate as you are delivering this. Then your following will feel that. I hope you feel the passion and the love for this stuff in my voice. When I am sharing I get really excited because I love this stuff and I hope that that comes through. That being said if you have any questions about your business feel free to shoot me an email at sixfigureyogi@gmail.com. That S-I-Xfigureyogi@gmail.com. I'd be happy to host your question on the podcast. I am Adi Shakti, the Six Figure Yogi. I will see you next time.

Thank you so much for empowering me to be a part of your journey to abundance. My work is to be of service fully and completely, and that would not be possible without you trusting and letting me in. Be sure to head over to sixfigureyogi.com, that's S-I-Xfigureyogi.com, for your free online marketing and conscious business growth e-course. You've got this. I believe in you and I will see you next time. Namaste.