17: Social Triggers - Sales Psychology Secrets Revealed

What up and namaste to my yogis, my sisters, my brothers, and all my conscious entrepreneurs out there working to make their passion their paycheck. I'm Adi Shakti the six figure yogi and I've been sent to elevate and empower you. I bridge the gap between old school big business secrets and your new paradigm creation. Consider me your hippie business strategist and your new best friend. Be sure to head over to sixfigureyogi.com, that's S-I-X figure yogi dot com, for your free online marketing and conscious business growth E-course with yours truly. Grab your Kombucha, turn down your Grateful Dead, and get ready to take notes.

Namaste and welcome, this is Adi Shakti the six figure yogi. Today I'm going to talk about social triggers. Social triggers are mechanisms that we have as marketers, as business people, to include in our message to make sure that we're being the most effective that we can be in defining exactly what it is that we're asking from our ideal client avatars. We're going to go through some of these triggers. It's important that you're including these in your landing pages, in the copy of your emails and your headlines of your emails. On your websites, in the customer relationship management cycle. All of these different components of the business. It's very important that we are mindful of these certain things that I'm going to go over here as we're building our platforms.

The first one that I want to talk about is social proof. Social proof is this idea that other people are also inspired by the work that we're doing. Social media is a great example of that. We check to see how many likes a company has or how many follows they have. As a way that we see and determine the value of what it is that we're interested in buying, or something that we're interested in aligning ourselves with. Being on top of our social proof is really important as we start to grow our business. Year one, year two you can't expect to have this huge following, but making sure that you're taking the steps in your business to build your list, to expand your reach, and to continue to grow that component in an authentic way. It's very important, it takes a lot of work. We can have other conversations around list building strategies most specifically. Creative ways to get your message out there, both online and in real time, to make sure that you have that piece working for you.

Another piece under that social proof umbrella is the testimonial videos or testimonials for your product. If you go to, for example, PassionYogaSchool.com you'll find the testimonial section. We have video after video of our students sharing the transformational experience that they had through our immersion courses. That's an opportunity for potential buyers to really see the scale of our impact and to prove our value, and to prove our track record. Really significantly increasing the likelihood of them wanting to move forward with our organization if they're looking for personal transformation, soul searching, things of that nature. That's social proof.

The next one that I would like to talk about is scarcity. Scarcity- We want to make sure that it's authentic scarcity. We're really blessed with our programs in that we're able to offer scarcity in a few different ways. One we usually have some sort of early bird pricing special. We're putting a deadline, or we have a point at which somebody needs to register in order to enjoy some sort of financial savings on the program. That's one way that we introduce scarcity into our programs.

The other way is that we literally only have so much space available. We absolutely cap at 30. Lately we've been keeping it right around 20 participants. There's just a point where it feels like we've hit our limit with the space, depending on the space. We've changed that around quite a bit in the business, but now we're getting more stable and more consistent with that piece. We only have so many spots in our programs. As we get towards that sold out mark, we can introduce that scarcity component to our market, and then they're aware and inspired to go ahead and make that decision. That's scarcity. You want to think about creative ways that you can introduce scarcity into your business as well.

The other one that I would like to talk about is curiosity. This is really helpful for actually getting people back onto your website or getting people to open emails. Really using that curiosity factor in your content, in your blogging, in your videos. A big part of what I do is borderline controversial that people want to click. People want to know what it is that you're doing, what it is that you're talking about. They're curious about it. Being mindful as you are encouraging links back to your website or you're writing your headlines, or whatever it is- You're creating memes for your social media. That you are throwing out some sort of message that people are then curious about. It's going to encourage them to dig deeper, to share your message. You want to make sure that you're always including some sort of curiosity piece into your message as well.

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Welcome back, this is Adi Shakti. The last thing that I wanted to talk about here was the CTA or the call to action. As we're putting out all of this great content, we're sending these wonderful emails, we're putting free high value videos, we're putting together online courses that we're offering out. We always want to make sure that we're clear what the next step is for the potential client, or the client already. You want to guide them and be very clear about how it is that they can continue to deepen their relationship with you. If you're doing an interview for example, or you are writing a blog post. Within that interview or within that blog post, you're inviting people to sign up for your E-course, or you're pointing them to your upcoming programs page so that they can learn about different opportunities to do a retreat with you. On your Instagram page, on your Facebook page, you have a call to action maybe in your bio. Or you have a call to action in your cover photo, for example.

You just want to make sure that you're spending so much time putting together this incredible content. You're working hard on your blogs, you're working hard on your videos. You're really doing everything you can to put great free value. When they're experiencing that value, they're going to want to continue to deepen their relationship with you. You want to be very crystal clear with your perspective clients about how exactly they can do that. You want to make sure that you're including that piece.

A quick review here. We went over social proof and building those testimonials, building that social media following over time using a lot of the different great strategies that you can find online. I'm happy to make a podcast on those strategies as well. You have some scarcity, some sort of deadline or some sort of limited amount of spaces available. You are making it clear that there is some sort of window closing and people's opportunity to work with you. You're also including that curiosity trigger. Most specifically in your headlines and the titles of your blogs. The titles of your videos. Just to get people back into the website. It's clicked based, they're interested. You want to be mindful of that and think about that. Make sure it's brand consistent as you start to throw that out into the world.

With all of those things, all of this effort that we're putting in to our social triggers. We're getting people to our website, we're getting people ... We're getting their attention. It's your job to be crystal clear about what the next steps are for them. The next call to action. Is it to sign up for a course that is monetizable? Or is it to sign up for a free E-course so that they can get to know you better that way? Deciding what does your customer lifecycle look like? As people are meeting you in these different mediums, what is the next step for them in your customer relationship cycle?

Thank you so much, I hope that was helpful. I'm Adi Shakti the six figure yogi and I will see you next time.

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