16: Behind the Scenes of an Event Launch - I probably shouldn't be telling you this...

What up and namaste to my yogis, my sisters, my brothers, and all my conscious entrepreneurs out there working to make their passion their paycheck. I'm Adi Shakti, the Six Figure Yogi and I have been sent to elevate and empower you. I bridge the gap between old school, big business secrets and your new paradigm creation. Consider me your hippy business strategist and your new best friend. Be sure to head over to sixfigureyogi.com. That S-I-X figureyogi.com for your free online marketing and conscious business growth e-course with yours truly. Grab your kombucha, turn down your Grateful Dead, and get ready to take notes. 

Namaste and welcome. This Adi Shakti, the Six Figure Yogi. It is the end of August here in 2016 and I just launched to my insiders the Empowered Goddess: A Modern Business Seminar for the Awakened Woman. We are going to be having a live event here in Costa Rica in March of 2017. I'm sure we'll make this an annual event in case you're listening to this after that. If you'd like more information on that, you can go over to sixfigureyogi.com. That's S-I-X figureyogi.com and click on the Empowered Goddess Seminar and that is going to take you to those details for those of you listening that might be interested in joining us here for the live event. 

What I'd like to do, I just launched this today so I'm feeling inspired and I just want to share with you what the launch process looks for me and my team when we are announcing a live event. Those of you that know me know that the majority of the work that I do is through live events here in Costa Rica. I have teacher trainings and now introducing these business seminar programs and most of them are extensive. A lot of them are 3 weeks or more. The business seminar is a 6 day format. I am able to build my 6 figure business around these live events.

The process of getting them announced and live and out into the world is really, really sacred and important because that's how I'm able to continue to support my lifestyle. I just kind of wanted to give you guys a bit of an insiders look into what that looks like for my team.

Initially what we do is we pick a topic. We really kind of dive into what it is that listening to our clients and to our students listening in to what it is that they need. This business education targeted towards service oriented, new paradigm, Empowered Goddess, women leaders, is something that's been coming up time and time again and so I'm listening and hearing the need for more technical business support to kind of guide people into a more abundant direction with their lives and so that is where this particular event, where it came from. 

What we do is we have the event and I sit down with my team and we develop the copy or how it is we're going to describe the event. We come up with ideas around what it actually is that we're working to create and how we're going to manifest it. We get together and brainstorm and come up with different ideas around the title and how it is that we're describing it and what's the sub-line and all of these things to make sure we're speaking super loudly to the people that we're meant serve. We sit down and we start to draw up the general concept. We're reaching out to our community to make sure it's something that the people are interested in, and we kind of sit with that for a while, sit with a general concept. That's step one.

Next step is to really look at the calendar. My partner Aaron and I down here in Costa Rica, now we are actually owning and operating a event space here in Port Viejo and so we have my teacher trainings, we have Tai massage courses, we have reiki courses, we have all kinds of different courses designed to awaken and empower the divine feminine and so I get out my book and I see where we have space for something like this. I know that most people in North America want to come down to Costa Rica when it's cold and so somewhere between December and March is ideal for that, so I picked March. I'm putting in my dates and I am playing with a concept and that's the very, very early stages of what his looks like.

From that point, I'm starting to reach out and schedule interviews. I'm doing some social prospecting so that I can talk about my event on different podcasts, on different platforms, different seminars, different summits, online summits. I'm looking for creative ways to kind of start to plant the seed and get the word out there and so I had an interview this week. I have another one here next week of people with significant audiences that are in line, not in direct competition, but are in line with what it is I'm doing so I can start to get the idea out there.

That's kind of the beginning stirrings of starting to put a project like this together. Calendering it, having brainstorming meetings around it, starting to talk about it. Talk about it into it's manifestation. Then we start to get into the logistics and I will outline the logistical framework here after the break. 

Namaste, this is Adi Shakti, the Six Figure Yogi and I'm so excited to announce today that the Empowered Goddess: A Modern Business Seminar for the Awakened Woman is now open. We will be covering how to make more money and amplify your spiritual impact. This program is for you if your wild soul burns to serve, you are ready to increase your impact and expand your reach, you are fiercely committed to find tuning your business, you want a proven professional framework designed to attract more of your ideal clients, or you offer a service out into the world and are ready to cut through the mysteries of online marketing, branding, the art of paid advertising, and traffic generation. We are going to have a phenomenal group of women here in Porto Viejo in March of 2017. If you'd like more details on that, go ahead and visit the website at sixfigureyogi.com and click on the Empowered Goddess Seminar. Thank you so very much and I look forward to seeing you down in sunny Costa Rica. 

Namaste and welcome back. This is Adi Shakti, the Six Figure Yogi. We were talking about how to launch an event like this so I kind of laid out a lot of the theory and I want to get into more of the specifics. What I have done with the Six Figure Yogi and this Empowered Goddess Seminar is I have created a sales page or a landing page. That landing page has all of the critical information. The when, the where, the why. It has all of the describing copy there really talking about we're going into online marketing. We're going into the art of paid traffic, Facebook, Instagram. We're going into how to create launches. We're going into creating profit, plan, and profit clarity, building a content marketing schedule, right? All of these things that are really important to the success of my business and I'm really outlining that in the retreat and so I'm talking about all of that in the landing page.

There's a lot of different, great landing page providers out there. I use Instapage, and there's Leadpages and there's lots of other great, kind of drag and drop, click lead pages out there that are designed for this sort of thing. I created that page first. That page is kind of where I link in from my website. If you go to sixfigureyogi.com, you are able to find the Empowered Goddess information and then you can see the event there.

That was a huge step. It took tons of time. I sat down with my copywriting and with my team and really worked on laying out this entire strategy. I had to go behind the scenes on my end and create the event and my reservation system so that people can process their payment and then the automated emails that go along with sending automatic invoices and automatic payments and all those sorts of things on that end. That's all connected to that primary sales page.

They're either finding out about us through that primary page or there's also a paid advertising funnel that I'm setting up. What that looks like is it's actually a separate landing page that is what we call a squeeze page in online marketing. It's just a page that has a little bit of information about the upcoming program with the dates, the name, and that's really about it. Then there's an option there to submit your email and then once the submit their email, then that will take them to the full information page. The idea is that I'm putting out ads on Google. I'm putting ads out on Facebook to get the word out. I am picking a very smart and specific demographic of people that I know would be interested in this type of event. That's then linking them directly to the squeeze page where ideally they're putting in their email. Then from that place they're going to the page with all of the information. 

Now that I have their email, they're dropping into my email funnel and they are getting an email right away from me, more details about the program, reaching out introducing myself, and this is all automated of course. Then they actually move through my 7 day online marketing and conscious business growth e-course so they are seeing a series of 21 videos with me to get to know me and my teaching style, and of course learn things right away that they can apply to their business. I hope that many of you have already opted in for that course. If you haven't opted in for that course, you can go to sixfigureyogi.com and there's a place there for you to go ahead and get started on that journey with me as well.

That's the basic funnel up until this point. There's then a customer relationship management strategy that I'll implement. Just as far as the general launch and kind of preparing all the things on my end, that's really what it looks like and throughout the course of the program of the Empowered Goddess training, we will be diving more into the details of exactly how to put together these types of launches. Different strategies for demographics, testing, surveying, kind of all of these different things that really go into this piece. The idea is that we'll have full program. I'm really confident that we will with our incredible community, and also have that be a platform for women to come together, network, see where the gaps are in each other's businesses, what kind of services we're all providing that can really bring us together in sisterhood to amplify each other's message.

That's the general funnel. If you have any questions on that, you can shoot me an email at sixfigureyogi. That's S-I-X figureyogi@gmail.com. Any questions on this funnel or any other questions that you have in your business I'm happy to feature them here on the podcast. I'm Adi Shakti, the Six Figure Yogi and I will see you next time.

Thank you so much from empowering me to be part of your journey to abundance. My work is to be of service fully and completely and that would not be possible without you trusting and letting me in. Be sure to head over to sixfigureyogi.com. That's S-I-X figureyogi.com for your free online marketing and conscious business growth e-course. You've got this, I believe in you, and I'll see you next time. Namaste.