13: 3 Things You Need to Know When Getting Started with Online Marketing

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Namaste an welcome, this is Adi Shakti, the six figure yogi. I have a question in this morning from Lana, and Lana says, "Hi Adi, how have you been? Congratulations on the educating another group of teachers, it must feel amazing. I'm very proud of you." Thank you so much Lana. "I'm educating myself on online marketing because that is obviously the next step and I've just finished with all of your podcasts. I was wondering, which online marketing tool has been the most successful? I will be trying out different ones but what do you think? Do you have any statistics on that? I assume Facebook is one of the best, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Lana."

Thank you so much for that question Lana, and I think that your question was great because it really allows me to kind of step back. I'm in a place in my business and in my mind where I'm always thinking of the micro, of the small details that I can shift to make my message more impactful. I think it is important to step back here and really look at online marketing from a more of a macro, or from a larger kind of perspective and just kind of look at what sort of options are out there, and how you can start to get your message out online.

I think that it's good and helpful maybe to divide the topic into three separate realms, or at least for me this is kind of how I like to think about it. That's with Facebook being one of the major platforms, which now includes Instagram as well here recently. Google Ads, and Google AdWords, and getting your message out onto different websites and things like that, that sell ad space. Then affiliate advertising being the third. I'll kind of dive in into each of these and just talk a little bit about what some of your options are, and how you can use these platforms to really get your message out into the world.

I'll start with Facebook. Facebook recently partnered with Instagram as well, so you can do your ads there on Facebook, you can get really specific about your demographics. I know there's other podcasts of mine that you can listen to, actually get a little more information about that particular piece, but really narrowing down who exactly your niche market is, and getting access to those potential buyers. Facebook has something called a, "Pixel." What you can actually do on Facebook, which is a huge, huge asset and something that I use regularly in my marketing campaigns, you can actually install the pixel into your website. If you have WordPress, or Square Space, or whatever your platform is, you can insert that pixel into the header or the footer of that website so it's actually on all of the pages. As people are logged into Facebook and visit your website, they actually, you're able to capture them.

You know that they clicked through to your website, and then you're able to capture their information. You're not able to get their details of who exactly they are, or their emails, or anything like that. There is that impression there, and Facebook collects that information. Then later on as you become more sophisticated in your online targeting you can actually send ads back to just those people that have already been to your website. You know that they're already interested, and then you're making a point to keep showing up on their Facebook wall, we call this, "Re-targeting."That's something that you can do with Facebook as you get more sophisticated.

Facebook is a great, great way to really get your message out there, to get people to your website. You can do sponsored posts, sometimes what I'll do is I'll see that there's a lot of organic activity on one of my page posts, meaning that a lot of people are just liking it because they're seeing it and liking it. Then sometimes I'll make the choice then to blast that post, or to boost that post, to put some money behind that post to a target audience so that my message, that message that is obviously working and exciting people is getting in front of more people. There's the boosting, and then there's the ads that you can create in the campaigns. As I mentioned there's other podcasts that I've released on kind of how to maximize your impact on Facebook. I think that's a good place to start for Facebook.

The second thing that I'd like to talk about is Google ads. A lot of people give me feedback, "Oh I see your ads all over the place, they follow me around the internet." The reason for that is similarly to the Facebook, I also have a code in my website for Google. I'm capturing the information of people that are visiting the website through Google, and then I'm re-targeting them and they're seeing the ads over and over again once they have visited my website. Google ads are, you can pay to have your name at the top in that kind of ad section of Facebook .... or excuse me, of Google, to have it be one of the top searches. Then there's SEO, and Google gets very, very complicated. You can pay for certain words to make sure that your ad is seen, but that can get very, very expensive.

When your looking around the internet and you're seeing kind of those random ads on different pages that you're visiting, maybe different articles that you like to read, or kind of these random websites that have content. What they do is they actually sell space on their websites to Google. Whenever you're seeing those advertisements on different websites, very, very often times it's actually Google that is putting the advertisements there. If you have been looking around and you're seeing my ads pop up for you, then that is Google AdWords at work. That's something that you can do as well, you can target an audience with Google, and your ads are showing up for them. Then as well on top of that you can do the re-targeting, where people that are visiting your website, you're making sure that they're seeing your information as well.

That's Google ads. There's all kinds of wonderful information, online courses, all sorts of different information out there on Google ads. I definitely focus more of my time and energy on Facebook just because at this point my business, I've seen it be the most profitable. What you'll start to see though is that Facebook and Google actually kind of start to work together. Somebody visits my website from Facebook, Google is capturing that as well and then from that point on they might start seeing my ads via the Google ads as well. They are separate platforms with separate billing and all of that sort of thing, but really it's kind of hard to draw a super firm line between Facebook and Google because they are, I know in my business they dance together very beautifully in making sure that I'm getting my message out to those people that have expressed their interest in what it is that I offer. There's Facebook and Google ads.

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Welcome back, so the third piece here that we'll talk about is affiliate advertising. We talked a bit about Facebook, we've talked a bit about Google ads and how both of them have re-targeting capabilities. Now we're moving into affiliate advertising. In the online marketing space you can pay for traffic for Facebook and Google ads, The Art of Paid Traffic is a podcast that I really enjoy listening to, to get more details on how to amplify that. Then the other thing that you can do is affiliate advertising. Affiliate advertising is when you're reaching out to different people in your industry that are offering a service that isn't necessarily .... or isn't rather in direct competition with what it is you're doing, but is a really beautiful complimentary service.

For example, if there's a website that sells meditation cushions, and malas, that might be an interesting place for me to have an advertisement for my yoga teacher training. If I'm open to something like that .... and affiliate advertising to be completely honest is not something that I practice regularly, but it is something in the online space. If I were interested for example in partnering with a company like that, I may put an affiliate link, give them access to an affiliate link and an affiliate ad that people could click through on their website that takes them back to me. I could track that, and then issue them some sort of commission if a client signs up from their websites.

That's a pretty common thing, the side bar, different advertisements and different things that you see, it could be very possible that those companies have an affiliate relationship with each other. In the same way, perhaps I advertise their services on my website and people are clicking through that way, and then I might be getting a commission on what it is that I sell through my online platform. Through that you can kind of reach out. Then there's things called, "Joint Venture Launches," where you're partnering with different companies that are similar to yours, and you're getting out to their email list. There's lots of different creative ways to partner with other online entrepreneurs, and sharing each others platforms, and getting your message out to your clients.

You just want to be really picky about that though. For example, with Passion Yoga School I don't particularly like to put other people's things on passion because what can happen then is that they're clicking out of passion, and they're starting to shop, and starting to look at other things. I really want to make sure that once people get on the passion site that they're glued there, and that they're really seeing all of the information that I have. I don't want to invite them to leave that. That's kind of my perspective, and I know that a lot of other online entrepreneurs have that similar perspective. At the same time some people, their primary income is affiliate advertising, that they are really good at getting traffic to their website, and so they make a good amount of money on affiliate advertising.

It just depends, it depends what your message is, what exactly it is that you are hoping to achieve, but definitely having those relationships with other companies can be really helpful. You're both posting about each other, maybe on social media. You're sharing each other's information through your email list. You're putting information on each other's websites, but it can be a really beautiful way to get the word out. We have the Goddess Rising Series for example, and what it does is it gives us a platform on Passion Yoga School to highlight incredible women doing incredible things, and we ask them a lot of very personal questions around their spirituality, and their trauma, and all of these things that we focus on at Passion Yoga School. Then they're sharing that page with their network, and then that's drawing traffic back in.

That's kind of a free way, of course it takes time and energy, and those things aren't free. As far as it's not an ongoing expense that I have to keep that series going, and so that's really helpful as well, is that we're getting in front of different people's market and giving them an opportunity, and a voice, and a platform to share their story. That's kind of affiliate advertising, social prospecting, these are ways that you can start to get your message out as well.

Just to kind of recap everything that we've gone over today. We've gone over Facebook, and how you can use Facebook and target your specific demographics, capture people that are coming in through your website, and making sure that you're re-targeting them. Then Google ads, which is the same thing. That you're choosing a very specific demographic, you're creating these ads, there's different sizes of different ads, and different ad sizes have different likelihoods of being shown, and there's all kinds of great information online that you can look at to start to get that started.

Canva, I'll give you as a resource is a great place to get those ads created. They have the pixels just right and that can be really helpful. That's Google ads, and then affiliate advertising or reaching out to other partners in the industry to see how you can start to cultivate a relationship that's mutually beneficial is another great way to start to grow your online platform. I hope that was helpful Lana, thank you so much for giving me that question. It's an opportunity for me to step back and really try and give you guys a bigger picture of all of these things.

For those of you that are at home that are listening, welcome. I'm so thankful to have you here on the six figure yogi platform, and I'm here for you. If you have any questions at all don't be shy, specific questions, more general questions, whatever it is that you have going on in your business that you think I might be able to help you with. You can send me an email at Six, that's S-I-X FigureYogi@Gmail.com. That comes direct to me, and I'll take a look at that and see what kind of answers I can get for you. Thank you so much, I want to live in a world with conscious people making money doing what they love. We are in a crazy state, I'm here in the United States actually and scattered it, and a little contracted, and quite fearful actually for what's happening right now in our country.

I think we're on the verge of something great, on the verge of something beautiful, but it's going to take us, those of us that are connected to our hearts and willing to do the work that it takes to really move us into the next paradigm, to really step up, recognize our power, and move forward in a way that honors what we're really made of. Thank you guys all for listening in, for educating yourself, for doing what needs to be done to really get your vision, and your impact out into the world.

Thank you so much for empowering me to be a part of your journey to abundance. My work is to be of service fully and completely, and that would not be possible without you trusting and letting me in. Be sure to head over to SixFigureYogi.com, that's S-I-X FigureYogi.com for your free online marketing and conscious business growth E-course. You've got this, I believe in you and I'll see you next time. Namaste.