4: Sandy Laptops and Other Struggles of the New Paradigm Leader

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The wellness industry is growing exponentially - thank goodness! However, it means that you need to have the skills to take your message and impact to the next level if you really want to make a living pursuing your passion. Not to worry! I AM HERE FOR YOU!

What up and Namaste to my yogis, my sisters, my brothers, and all my conscious entrepreneurs out there working to make their passion their paycheck. I'm Adi Shakti, the six figure yogi, and I have been sent to elevate and empower you. I bridge the gap between old school big business secrets and your new paradigm creation. Consider me your hippie business strategist and your new best friend. Grab your Kombucha, turn down your Grateful Dead, and get ready to take notes.

Namaste and welcome. This is Adi Shakti, the six figure yogi, and I want to extend you an invitation. I am shaping this podcast to be of service to you, and I have some what I think are good ideas over the next few podcasts of things and topics that I would like to cover in a general sense to get you guys up to speed, and to lay the foundation so that we can really start to in more deeply. I want to hear from you. I want to hear the biggest problems that you are having in your business. I want to hear how I can best support you. In turn, I'll be able to make these podcasts and provide the answers to those questions for our listenship. If you can shoot me an email at sixfigureyogi that's s-i-x-figureyogi@gmail.com, that's my direct line, comes straight to me, and I will see those questions and I would love to feature some of them on future podcasts. Please feel free to do that.

Today I want to go over the new paradigm economy, or the new economy. These are terms that you hear a lot, or I hear a lot, in the nature of what it is that I do, in the nature in what it is that I'm interested in, and I just wanted to talk about what that means. The new paradigm economy, really what's most central for me in the development of this new economy is location independence. So many of you know, and many of you likely don't know, I live full-time here in the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica in a small little town called Puerto Viejo de Limon or Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, and we are a tiny little hippie town. We've got our organic market. Every Saturday there's healers and massage therapists, and Reiki practitioners, yogi teacher trainings. It's really a mecca for alternative wellness globally, and I'm so blessed to be able to live here in the jungle. I record all of these from my open-air jungle house just a few minutes away from the Caribbean sea, and I'm so incredibly blessed to be able to have location independence.

Even though I live here in Costa Rica I, for example, am going to Kenya later this year for a couple of weeks. My grandfather transitioned, and a dear childhood friend of mine transitioned a couple of weeks ago, and I was able to go home to Indianapolis without worrying about it financially or with my business. I'm going to Guatemala here soon with a girlfriend of mine. We're doing a girl's trip. We're planning on going to Peru later this year to celebrate my husband's 30th birthday. That's just kind of an example of what my lifestyle looks like. I spend a few weeks here, a few weeks there, and I'm able to keep my company running, and I'm able to keep good income coming in from anywhere in the world. That is really one of the biggest components of the new paradigm economy, is this internet-based economy where I can be in touch with my clients. I can create content. I can keep the message of my business moving, even though I don't necessarily have a set office location.

My previous employer, as well, was very much so a new paradigm company, and I spent my time in the off season going to conferences in L.A., Chicago, New York, D.C., San Diego, for example, and I was also leading trips around the world to Bangkok, New Delhi, Guatemala City, Calcutta, just to name a few of the places. I was able and have been able to continue to stay in touch with clients and do whatever it is that I need to do, which is a super, super empowering component of being a conscious entrepreneur working for a new paradigm company. My assistants, for example, enjoy that as well. Erin, my right hand, just spent a month in India and was able to do so and be able to play her role while she was studying yoga, as well.

It's extremely, extremely important to me that as the world becomes smaller that I am able to continue to travel, and able to continue to have meaningful relationships with people, and to continue to have that freedom as I continue to build my company. I've built my company by keeping that in mind, right. That was my intention as I started to build it, and then all of the projects that I continue to develop, all of the different things that I have ongoing I always have the intention of trying to make it as sustainable as possible from the very beginning. I'm setting it up to run itself, which is really, really important, because that allows me to be able to be out in the world doing what it is that I need to do and making firm decisions, "Yes, or "no," on different things as they develop with my particular projects, but I'm not necessarily needed all the time. I am empowering the people that are working for me to make big decisions, for them to really use the projects and the foundations that I've laid out as a playing ground for them to really express their creativity, their creative potential as we move forward with different projects.

On my schedule I have a few weeks that I am committed to being with my students, that I am committed to my Mastermind, and I am committed to one place, and that one place happens to be my favorite place in the world, next to my grandmother's kitchen, but my favorite place in the world which is Puerto Viejo de Limon, Costa Rica, where we're in the jungle on the Caribbean sea. I do spend time with my students, a few weeks out of the year, there. The rest of the year I am responding to emails from my cell phone while I'm out in the world doing other things.

I just invite you guys as you start to build your businesses, and even if you do have brick and mortar, when I say brick and mortar I mean a physical location, even if you do have that, you can still start to get creative about how to delegate and how to really allow yourself to step into this new paradigm, this new paradigm economy, and to really empower and liberate yourself to be able to move, and express, and be creative and not be tied to a cubicle desk from 9-5, which is a very old school way of thinking about working.

Think about that, how as you begin to develop your business, just making sure that you're not adding a ball and chain, that you're being creative and you're being intentional about allowing yourself to have the lifestyle that you want. Maybe you have children, or maybe location independence isn't necessarily something that's super important to you, but it's something that people talk to me about all the time. I just wanted to throw that out there, how I build that for myself, because people see me traveling and they're curious as to how it is that I afford to travel, or how it is that I'm able to do all of these things, and it's because from the very beginning at my company I was very intentional in being able to pursue this freedom lifestyle. I invite you guys to look at that in your own businesses as you start to build, as well.

Namaste. Welcome back. This is Adi Shakti, the six figure yogi. We're talking about the new paradigm economy and I just want to continue with some of these ideas. We were just talking about location independence and how that can be a very empowering component of your business, if that's how it is that you're choosing to live your life.

The next thing I'd like to talk about here is the heart-centered business. As we develop as human beings, and as we develop as conscious entrepreneurs we have the choice now to really live a holistic, integrated life. What I mean by that is that we're not giving our time to some company, or to some vision 40 hours a week that we don't necessarily resonate with, or that we don't necessarily believe in. Those days are dying. Especially for the conscious entrepreneur you are creating your business in alignment with divine inspiration. You are listening to the beat of your own heart. You're listening to your own unique passions, and you're creating a life from that place.

This line of professionalism, or this line of how we behave at work versus how we behave with our friends and family, that is starting to blur as we become more integrated human beings. We don't have this separation, right. We're working more and more towards yoga, more and more towards union. A heart-centered business is a new paradigm business. It's you listening to your passion, you seeing social justice issues that need to be corrected, or you really feeling alive when you engage in a particular activity, creatively, artistically, whatever it is, and then pursuing that and creating a lucrative business out of that passion.

I just encourage you as a conscious entrepreneur to continue down that path of being heart-centered. That moves us right into our next point which is including a give-back model into your company. It used to be that this give-back model maybe was a unique component of a company, knowing that they were eco friendly, or knowing that a percentage of the proceeds went back into a certain organization, or those sorts of things were kind of a sexy trend, you could say. Now, that trend is no longer a trend, and it's here to stay.

It's extremely important as a conscious entrepreneur that you are including some sort of give-back model into the fabric of your business, that your business, and as you start to make more money in your business, is also fueling different social justice initiatives that you are passionate about, that you're donating your time into different organizations, maybe locally, that you're even starting your own organization, starting your own initiatives in your local communities, to really stand up for what you believe in. We're moving away, again, from this model of donating money out of your right pocket and buying things that you want out of your left pocket, right. That's kind of the old model. You donate to charity on Sunday at church, but then you go to Saks Fifth Avenue and buy your outfit for the week. That's dead, right.

What's happening and what's beginning to happen, and the shift that we're seeing is that you are making your purchasing decisions, and your voting with every single dollar that you spend. you are voting for the kind of world that you want to live in. You're researching the companies, right, you're understanding how these companies are positively impacting the world and then you're voting for those companies with your dollars. It's extremely important as a conscious entrepreneur that from the day of your inception you're really starting to think about, "Okay, how does my company give back," right.

For example, if my teacher training is here in Costa Rica we have a few different models. We send money to India on a pretty regular basis for this little elementary school outside of Rishikesh. We're raising money now for different playgrounds here in the area. With some of my other collaborative partners we were able to build a maternity health care clinic here, for example, in Costa Rica. I hope that it's open by May 30. That's the date that they're giving me now, but the building is done at this point. We just have some bureaucratic loops to jump through. I'm hiring local girls that are living here that need the work. I'm supporting them, and then people that are coming to my programs are staying at Airbnb rentals or vacation rentals so that the local families are being supported by my programs in that way. We don't include food or anything like that in our programs, as well, so that the local restaurants are also being supported. Every single business decision that I make I'm trying to figure out how I can support myself, of course, how I can support my student, but also how I can support the local community. People know that I'm involved in these initiatives and then they're more likely to support me as well.

The last thing that I want to talk about. It goes back to this theme of heart-centered, this theme of the give back model, but this freedom of expression and how we as conscious entrepreneurs get to decide the climate of business. For example, I'm here in my living room in Costa Rica. It is 4:10 in the afternoon and I have yet to shower today. It's very hot. We actually don't have running water. We kind of do. Our well's been running out the last couple of days, but that's a story for another time. My point being that I operate my business from my most authentic self, that I am able to create from any café in the world, that I am able to travel, that I am able to build my schedule in a way that feels good to me, and I'm able to make all those decisions and feel empowered in being able to make those decisions for myself.

When I show up to a business meeting most likely you'll see me in comfortable shorts, and I'll probably be barefoot and, to be completely honest, I'm not particularly interested in showing up anywhere where I wouldn't be welcome in my most natural state. That's when I feel the most comfortable. That's when I feel the most empowered. That's when I feel the most alive. We as entrepreneurs get to decide what this new paradigm of business with this internet age what the freedom entrepreneur looks like. I encourage you all to really think about that. As the lines are blurred between what the business life looks like, versus our spiritual life, versus our personal life. We're evolving. We're human beings evolving on this planet. We're starting to become more high vibration. We're starting to evolve in our consciousness, and I want you all to take that role of being a leader in this movement very, very seriously and to really integrate every part of your being as you begin and continue to grow your conscious businesses.

Thank you guys so much for your time. I'm Adi Shakti, the six figure yogi, and I will see you soon. This is just a quick reminder to shoot me an email at sixfigureyogi.com. That's s-i-x-figureyogi@gmail.com with your specific questions and I will host them on the podcast. Thanks so much.

Thank you so much for empowering me to be a part of your journey to abundance. My work is to be of service fully and completely and that would not be possible without you trusting and letting me in. Be sure to head over to sixfigureyogi.com. That's s-i-x-figureyogi.com for your free online marketing and conscious business growth eCourse. You've got this. I believe in you, and I'll see you next time. Namaste.