2: Consume your Consumer - Finding your ideal client

What You Need to Know About Online Marketing to be a Successful Conscious Business Owner (a free crash course)

The wellness industry is growing exponentially - thank goodness! However, it means that you need to have the skills to take your message and impact to the next level if you really want to make a living pursuing your passion. Not to worry! I AM HERE FOR YOU!

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Namaste and welcome. This is Adi Shakti, the six figure yogi and this is episode two. Today we are talking about your ideal client avatar. Avatar is a term that you will hear thrown around in marketing. Your avatar is basically your ideal client. For example, for this particular podcast for the six figure yogi my ideal client, the person that I'm really trying to touch, is an entrepreneur that's maybe just getting started or has been in business for a little while that is looking to create value in the world in a way that increases collective consciousness, in a way that increases our collective vibration as humans on the planet. I'm looking for that person that is really looking to dedicate their life and their work to the beat of their own heart.

With that person in mind, that person, that passionate person, my job through this podcast and through my platform and business training is to empower that person with the know-how, with the strategy to begin to shape that passion and that intention into a lucrative business so that they can support their families and support themselves and be able to move in towards living their passion, making their passion their paycheck full time. They're not in a place where they have to, or where you have to take on extra jobs, or spend your time or your energy doing anything other than what absolutely makes your heart beat. That is my client avatar.

I'm very specific about the person that it is that I am trying to reach. With that avatar in mind I am able to shape all of my copy. When I say copy I mean any content that you see in the emails, any written content, or written words is the copy. I'm able to shape my copy. I'm able to shape my imaging. I'm able to shape my branding. I'm able to shape my message so that I'm speaking super specifically to that particular client avatar.

What I see a lot of with conscious entrepreneurs is this attempt to throw a very, very wide net. Their imaging and their branding is kind of designed, it's safe, and it's designed to speak to everyone rather than a very, very specific demographic. With the internet and with business as it is today, there are so many options out there. Especially as conscious consumers we are looking for that one answer, for that one service, that one product, that one opportunity that really aligns fully and completely with our vision, with our direct needs. When you are casting out this wide net, kind of trying to include everyone in your advertising, in your marketing campaign, you're trying to speak to everyone, what happens is that you're speaking to everyone a little bit, but you're not speaking to anybody in a really, really deep, empowering way.

It's extremely important as a conscious entrepreneur if your intention is to continue to strengthen your impact and to really get the opportunity to work with those people that you really truly deeply want to work with that you define them. I recommend that you start to think in your life and in your business, who are those people that you can really touch. What fears, what desires do those people have and how do you support them in moving through those fears and fulfilling those desires? The more specific you can be the better.

The marketplace is massive. There are billions of people on the planet, and there's no need for you to be general or for you to not fully and completely step into your power, step into your message, step into your truth in a really amplified way, because when we see people in that empowered state, when they're really honing their unique voice, their unique passion, their unique dharma, and they're speaking exactly to those people that are needing to hear them, those are the people that are going to be successful. Those are the people that inspire people. Those are the people that are going to be able to create lucrative businesses because they're laser focused and super clear, and they're keeping their client, or their ideal client avatar, their ideal customer in their mind in every single business move, in every single step that they take. Because of that, those people, that avatar, are going to be loyal to them and are going to continue to support that entrepreneur with their ongoing projects, with their ongoing products, whatever it is that you offer. With that we'll take a quick commercial break.

Welcome back. This is Adi Shakti, the six figure yogi. Today we are talking about your ideal client avatar. In the first half of this episode two we talked a little bit about why it is important to have that avatar, so that we can really, really specifically target and speak to the heart of that client that is going to most enjoy and benefit from whatever it is that we're offering out into the world. That's wonderful, and those concepts are great. What's important to me as we move forward in this series is that you have action steps and you have the tools to begin to start to implement these things in your business and in your life.

Most specifically about online marketing, when we're talking about Google advertisements, when we're talking about Facebook advertisements, when we're talking about beginning to move into paid traffic and kind of deciding where it is that we are going to put our message, what different companies and brands we're going to align ourselves with, all of these different things that we can do on the online space we can actually very, very specifically target our client avatar. We can go into Facebook and we can decide age, we can decide household income, we can decide what sort of pages they're engaged with on Facebook, what they've liked. We can go in and get super duper specific on who is seeing our ads, on who is seeing our message. It makes it so important that we have that very, very clearly defined.

I want you to sit down with a piece of paper and I want you to develop your client avatar. Give him or her a name. What is her name? My client avatar's name is Susie Starchild and she is a hippie mamma with feathers in her hair. She's barefoot. She's in the jungles of Costa Rica. She's super passionate about her massage practice, or about her Reiki practice. She loves to put together women's circles, chocolate ceremonies, and she's looking for a way to leave her life in the United States behind to begin to move into this entrepreneurship, into this empowered state of being the lady boss that she is on the inside, right.

She's probably maybe about 28 or 29 years old. Maybe she has some experience in a corporate environment, or maybe she went to school so she really has the writing skills, and she has the passion, and kind of some formal training to kind of begin to give all of this shape. She is a member of the Yoga Alliance. She likes Wanderlust Festivals. She goes when she can. She loves kirtan. She loves bhakti. She is a vegan, and she is currently single and in a stage of self-exploring her sexuality to really find herself before she's ready to offer that out to somebody else. Okay.

When I have Susie Starchild identified, and that is my client, that is who exactly it is I am working to target, then as I'm starting to develop my marketing campaigns and my advertising campaigns and I'm starting to think about paid traffic, I am thinking about her as I am developing it all. For example, for this business support podcast I'm reaching out and making sure that my ads are getting seen for people that are involved, for example, with the Yoga Alliance, for people that are involved with Yoga Journal, for people that are passionate about entrepreneurship, for people that are a new paradigm. Most of my targeting is towards younger people, not to say that older people can't be new paradigm. They really are the ones that initiated the movement, but this new economy leader that is very unique to our generation. I'm limiting the age, right, to who I'm targeting to. I'm mostly targeting women, for example.

Sit down. Name your avatar. Who is your avatar. Give them a name, okay. Think about their annual household income. If you're a massage therapist, for example, I'm sure there are statistics available, there's marketing research available for you to see the average household income of people that are engaging in the services that you offer. If you're a yoga teacher, a similar sort of thing. For me, my packages, the things that I'm offering out to the world, are pretty high-ticket so it's important that I am reaching, in general, people that are able to pay that high ticket if that's my eventual goal for the client. Think about kind of their household income. Think about their gender, are they male or female, maybe they're both, maybe you're not limiting that, that's okay. You can start to think about the different places that they might be visiting on the internet, right.

My team and I, for example, were thinking about ... Outside of the internet space we put an ad in Mantra Magazine, for example. We've been talking to Vegan and Vegetarian Times, knowing that most of the people in our network and that are moving toward consciousness have chosen to be vegetarian, to be vegan, and so getting in front of that market would be beneficial for us. It's not necessarily related to conscious business, it's not necessarily related to yoga teacher training programs in Costa Rica, but because I know my client avatar, and I know the behaviors of my ideal client I can start to show up in other places in their life that may then guide them to me.

You can think about other places. Where do they spend their time? Should you put up flyers at maybe your local Farmer's Market. Are they listening to a particular radio station in town? What sorts of websites are they on? Maybe you're reaching out to those websites to see if you can be a featured blogger. If you are brick and mortar, if you're a yoga studio, or if you have a set center, or a location, maybe you are zeroing in your ads to make sure that you are just promoting, for example I'm from Indianapolis, to the Indianapolis area.

Me personally my network is global. I call in people from everywhere that might be interested or passionate about these sorts of things, but I'm not limited to a particular location. Some of you, your businesses may have those limitations, so maybe there's a local publication that you can start to get ads in front of. Maybe you are developing a relationship with them where they're posting periodically on their Facebook about you and you're posting periodically on your Facebook about them. There's all kinds of different creative ways to begin to develop your client avatar and then from that place really decide how you can most effectively communicate with them.

I am Adi Shakti. This is the six figure yogi and I am just so incredibly thankful for you guys taking the time to listen to my voice, to hear these words, and to implement these things into your business. These are strategies that I have used to develop a six-figure business. This business piece has just been a very natural extension of what it is that I do already, so I know that this stuff works. I'm offering this stuff out there because I want to live in a conscious world where passionate people are using their passion to support their families. This is why I'm offering this. I'm so very thankful for your time and there will be lots of great stuff coming your way. I'm Adi Shakti, the six figure yogi, and I will see you next time. Thanks so much.