Take a 5-Day Vow of Silence in Costa Rica to raise money for women rescued from Human Trafficking in Kolkata, India

The Next Silent Seva Retreat

January 23 - 27, 2018

Arrive in front of Maxi's Restuarant for boat shuttle at 2 PM on January 23. Depart 11 AM on January 27 from Punta Mona. Do not schedule flights until the 28th. Boat taxi fee to Punta Mona is your responsibility.


Punta Mona, near Manzanillo, Costa Rica


 $600 – Cost of Accommodation + Meals + Retreat activities

+$500 - Required tax-deductible donation to cause

=$1100 Total

$180 Due now to book, the rest is due November 27 




The upcoming retreat funds housing construction for women who have been rescued or are at risk for being exploited by the Human Trafficking industry in Kolkata, India.

Those who take this 5-day vow of silence play a key role in funding noteworthy projects around the world which awaken and empower the divine feminine. In this way, they help create a world where the lives of women everywhere are changed for the better – where suffering and inequality and indifference is replaced with compassion and justice and empowerment.

We rigorously research and investigate worthy non-profits, NGOs, and other organizations with a track-record of creating high-impact projects that benefit women and children. The funds raised from each Silent Seva Retreat are distributed to such organizations and causes.

How the Silent Seva Retreat Works

The upcoming Silent Seva Retreat is hosted at Punta Mona, an off-grid permaculture farm nestled in the jungles of Costa Rica (more details below).

To join the retreat, you will pay 2 separate organizations


The cost of the retreat itself is $600 – this covers the costs associated with hosting the retreat. 30% is due now, and the rest is due November 23. This is payable directly to Passion Yoga School, and can be paid here.


You also need to make a minimum donation (or ask friends and family to help!) of $500 to Shakti Seva Incorporated. This is our non-profit arm, and this donation is completely tax deductible. We encourage you to raise this donation through funding from your own networks and community. But, if you prefer, you may donate wholly or partially out-of-pocket. Also note that the $500 is an ABSOLUTE minimum - we invite you to raise as much as possible for the cause. You should start fundraising as soon as possible! The fundraising page that you can share with your community is here.

Hear more right from Adi here....

Silent Seva Ambassador Certification

A select number of participants in the Silent Seva Retreat will be eligible for Silent Seva Ambassador Certification – giving you formal certification for running and replicating this model of social activism in your own local community (for causes that awaken and empower the divine feminine).

You must have completed a Passion Yoga School Yoga Teacher Training (at the 200 hour or 300 hour levels) to be eligible for Silent Seva Ambassador Certification and be able to replicate the model with our logistical support. You will be able to use our non-profit organization and Silent Seva Retreat format in your own community and be promoted on our website.

Also note that only those who come to a Silent Seva Retreat lead by the Passion Yoga School team can receive this certification.

Why a Vow of Silence?

Silence is oftentimes the greatest teacher. Many people go through life in a sort of slumber. They never fully wake up to the moment-by-moment realities of the world around them.  By taking a 5-day vow of silence, you are priming your consciousness for deep, soulful realizations and insights that trigger the life changes – large and small – that impact the world in a positive and long-lasting way.

Silence has its own deafening roar – the roar of your soul. The roar of fearless self-evaluation and reflection. During the Silent Seva Retreat, you will create a space for your own inner truth to breathe free and soften into your conscious awareness. And here, under the canopies of jungle trees, twinkling stars and fresh, pure air –  the radiant light of both your spiritual self and activist self can rise and burst into full brilliance.

This 5-day vow of silence will be the vehicle for your own personal transformation – giving you the power, the insight, the immersion in love necessary to integrate the teachings and revelations meaningfully into your life. It is a catalyst for your own personal revolution, and thus a catalyst for spiritual and social revolution throughout the world.

It is a Vow of Silence for Women and Young Girls Who Have been Rescued from Human Trafficking in Kolkata, India

The next Silent Seva Retreat – beginning on January 23, 2018 – is a vow of silence for elderly women and young girls who are living in dire poverty and have no families (many of the young girls are orphans and sex trafficking survivors). It is in support of a project initiated by the Women’s Interlink Foundation in India.

The Women’s Interlink Foundation is currently creating homes for these women and young girls who are helpless and in urgent need of shelter and care – both physical and psychological. Children and women who have no families not only suffer from a lack of shelter, nutrition, and health care, but also from an absence of the love and affection that is cultivated in a healthy family environment. There is thus a profound emotional isolation that these women and children experience.

To try to remedy this, the Women’s Interlink Foundation is setting up housing units where children and women can positively interact, providing a nourishing environment where women of all ages can heal, strengthen each other, and foster a healthy community spirit of feminine empowerment. For instance, the young girls and orphans will finally have “aunts” and “grandmothers” to talk to and learn from. And the elderly women will be surrounded with the laughter and warmth of children and teenagers – banishing their sense of loneliness and strengthening their emotional well-being.

The Women’s Interlink Foundation will provide staff to meet the health care, nutritional, and other needs of the community. There will be approximately 25 elderly women (aged sixty and above) – all of whom are in desperate need of housing and food.

The ground floor – which has been recently renovated – will contain a dining space, kitchen, office room, and a counseling room.

The first-ever Silent Seva Retreat is dedicated to this cause (all proceeds after expenses will go to the Women’s Interlink Foundation in support of this project). Taking a vow of silence for this cause is one step you can take to empowering these young girls and women – relieving their suffering and giving them the opportunity for a brighter, better, and happier future.

Read more about this project here.

The January 2018 Silent Seva Retreat is a Total Immersion in the

Untamed Wildness of Costa Rica’s Jungles - at Punta Mona

It’s alive with vibrant tropical foliage, chirping birds, and crawling, creeping insects. Its air is clean, and its water is fresh. The sun’s rays are hot; the atmosphere humid. Rain pours down, too, with swollen water droplets dribbling down tree trunks and the walls of the community’s buildings. This is the Punta Mona Center – located in Costa Rica. It is the secluded, serene site where the first Silent Seva Retreat will take place.

Punta Mona is a permaculture community emphasizing eco-conscious living – and near-total disconnection from the artificial stimuli of the electric grid. Internet will NOT be available for the duration of the retreat, unless in the case of emergency.

This is Not for the Faint-of-Heart!

If you’re not willing to be (sometimes) uncomfortably immersed in the realities of living off grid in a tropical rain forest -  this experience is NOT for you.

Who this IS FOR

This is for those of you who yearn to pour yourselves into your spiritually-inspired vision of a more just, more equitable, more compassionate world.

This is for those radical souls who seek to connect your spiritual practice with grassroots social activism and conscious action. It is for those of you who have a sneaking suspicion that you are strong enough, courageous enough, creative enough to make a dent in the armor of rigid cultural institutions, political power structures, and social systems which oppress, enslave, and ignore the struggles of women and children around the world.

Many (but not all) of the people who participate in the Silent Seva Retreat have at least some experience in meditation or a solid background in yoga – or some other spiritually-oriented discipline. The people who join this retreat come from all parts of the earth, and together they are a diverse community of individuals all striving to do what they can to affect meaningful social change.

Learn more about Punta Mona here.


Here’s How the Silent Seva Retreat Positively Impacts Your Own Life

If you’re up for this challenging – but beautiful experience, then there are several ways the Silent Seva Retreat will have a positive impact on your own life:

  • Shake Up Your Life. Taking a vow of silence is a radical way to shift your life out of the stagnation that we can sometimes fall into. It’s a powerful agent for uplifting your consciousness and disrupting your unconscious and subconscious patterns.

  • Space for Contemplation. Because you – and the people around you – will be immersed in nature and complete silence, you will have the space and freedom for profound contemplation. It is an opportunity to develop the witness state - and to watch the thought waves fall and rise. This gives us the power of objective perspective and gives us clarity on the profound questions of your heart. 

  • Increased Self-Confidence. Many people don’t believe they have the inner focus and willpower needed to go through an intense experience like a vow of silence – let alone disconnect from electronics for nearly a week. However, by participating in the Silent Seva Retreat, you’ll come out of this with the inner knowledge-of-self that builds a real, authentic self-confidence and independence. Rest in your aloneness!

  • Align Your Spiritual Practice with Socially Conscious Activism. It’s sometimes difficult to see a clear-cut way to bring your spiritual discipline into alignment with the activist spirit that lives within you. But the Silent Seva Retreat is a way to do exactly that.  You will contribute, in your own way, to socially-engaged actions that make a difference in the lives of women and children - while also working on stilling your inner state.

Meet your retreat leader

Adi Shakti

Adi Shakti, Founder and Director of Shakti Seva, Inc.

Adi Shakti, Founder and Director of Shakti Seva, Inc.

Adi Shakti, yoga teacher and conscious entrepreneur, commits to awakening the divine feminine, and she harnesses that power to support sustainable global projects and empower women on and off of the mat. 

She is the Creative Director of Passion Yoga School and Executive Director of Shakti Seva Incorporated. 

Adi Shakti means primordial divine feminine energy. Mother of the Earth. Goddess of the Goddesses. Manifestation of energy. It is a name gifted to her by her teacher, Yogrishi Vishvketu, in Rishikesh India where she studied at his feet.

Adi has had the privilege of studying, leading groups, and exploring through India, Thailand, Cambodia, Guatemala, Ecuador, New Zealand, England, France, Panama, Nicaragua, and more. She lives in Costa Rica full time with her husband, where they strive to live simply and in harmony with the jungle.


6:30 - 7:30 YOGA


9:00 - 10:00 MEDITATION

12:00 - 1:00 LUNCH(VEG + GLUTEN FREE)




8:30 - 9:00 MEDITATION


Shakti Seva Leadership Has a Successful History of Creating Transformational Experiences for Global Students. Here’s What Others Have to Say About These Experiences

My relationship with myself has been uplifted and I am empowered, and my partnership has reached a deeper understanding and connection.”
— 2016 Passion Graduate
The program has inspired many ideas to create a better life for myself and others and given me the discipline and insight needed to realize and fulfill those ideas. I am now conscious of the things that matter to me and that I have to let go of what does not serve me.”
— 2016 Passion Graduate
This program brought me closer to my higher self and inner child and showed me my true potential. So much love.”
— 2016 Passion Graduate
You gave me the tools and the wisdom to look deeper inside myself and find the strength to overcome any obstacle. Thank you!”
— 2016 Passion Graduate
Really tuning into my inner dialogue has helped me notice the things that are holding me back...Thank you thank you thank you.”
— 2016 Passion Graduate

Frequently Asked Questions – Answered!

Here you will find answers to questions we frequently receive.

  • How do I get to the Punta Mona Center? Full details for making your way to the Punta Mona Center in Costa Rica can be found here.

  • When do I need to coordinate flights? Incoming flights should be scheduled for Jan. 22 at the latest, and outgoing flights for Jan. 28 at the earliest.  It is a good idea to give yourself an extra day on each end of the retreat in case of any unforeseen circumstances that may hinder travel.

  • I have a very specific diet. Will Punta Mona Center be able to accommodate me?  All meals will be vegan.  There is no store at the center so please bring any additional supplements or foods that you might need.

  • What are the accommodations at Punta Mona Center like?  Accommodations at the Punta Mona Center are rustic and immersed in the life-filled jungle.  There are many insects and other various creatures everywhere.  There are mosquito nets for the beds and composting toilets. Come with the intention of being humbled and inspired by nature.

If you still have lingering questions which aren’t answered here, you are more than welcome to contact us by scheduling a call.


Discover the divine feminine rising within you. Enhance your life with the energy of spiritual activism. And commit to a 5-day vow of silence for a cause that matters. Book now to ensure your spot (spaces are limited).