The Passion Story is a journey from pain to purpose.

We learn how to use the practices of yoga and sacred ceremony to support ourselves and our students through life's challenges.

We then surface as warriors of peace - rooted in deep Self knowledge, Self love, Self commitment - and an unbreakable commitment to being of devotional service out in the world. 

In 2017, Passion Yoga School started our non-profit extension SHAKTI SEVA INC. to support projects that awaken and empower the divine feminine globally.

These short videos showcase our Passion

(HINT: put them on full screen and turn up the volume)

Meet Adi Shakti, our Creative Director, and learn a lot more about her story and the Passion Yoga School Process.


IMPORTANT: Note Passion Yoga School offers PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT INTENSIVES and NOT a personal therapy intensive or detoxification programs (from both recreational or pharmaceutical drugs). While we are committed to introducing elements of deep Soul Work, these programs should not be taken as a personal therapeutic intensives.

Our faculty members are not trained psychiatrist and do not carry clinical backgrounds in PTSD, addiction or other mental health concerns. If you have a history of PTSD or drug use, it is important that you arrive to our program in a stable state with the intention of using the practices of yoga for self regulation and personal spiritual growth.  

This is a professional development intensive designed to teach you the practices of yoga to confidently support yourself and your students through life's challenges. You will spend a lot of time in silence, in nature, in meditation and with the practices of yoga. You will be invited to lean on these tools to support you through emotional + mental turbulence that inevitably surfaces as we slow down with the deep intention to uncover and heal our inner life. It will likely be challenging at times, and we have held hundreds of students through this deep internal process. You can hear from many of them by clicking here.

However, not all students are within the professional scope of what we can support as experienced yoga + holistic self development professionals. If you are seeking more personalized therapeutic support, we do recommend that you search elsewhere for your training program.


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