Passion Yoga School’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training + Self-Empowerment Intensive in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica



Learn How to Teach Yoga as a Fully Integrated Healing Art for the Body, Mind, and Soul


Yoga Alliance Certified 200 Hour Teacher Training

(This program) just rips you wide open and exposes your vulnerabilities to the world, and then builds you back up…”
— 2016 Passion Graduate

Upcoming Courses

September 30 - October 21, 2018

January 27 - February 17, 2019

September 29 - October 20, 2019


Shuttle Pick Up at 3pm at Tasty Waves in Cocles, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica on Sunday.

Over 36 million people in the United States alone practice yoga on a regular basis. Our graduates are meeting their needs. We are teaching the world how to use the body, breath, and voice as a gateway for spiritual growth. Passion Yoga School’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training + Self-Empowerment Intensive elevates your competence and practical knowledge of yoga. Nestled in the untamed jungles near Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, this deep immersion gives you a sacred space to undergo powerful transformation.

This 21-day-long training course is designed for students who sincerely desire to answer the call of their heart and develop a lifelong, in-depth yoga practice that they can share with the world.

Purify your mind, body, and spirit in an off-grid, conscious community – accessing the profound heart healing that awaits you here. And receive a comprehensive base of knowledge for a successful future in teaching yoga and in life.

Rigorous, disciplined training combined with gentle grace and compassionate instruction has always been a hallmark of Passion Yoga School’s live programs. Situated in the lush jungle environment of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, this widely acclaimed 200 hour program is based in an emerging permaculture community. Here, with an intense schedule and tranquil mind, you are wildly empowered with the freedom to explore the Self – rooting you to the Earth and supporting you in continuing to heal the wounds of your heart.

Finca Armonia is the site of our (mostly) off-grid, conscious community – where container housing and fresh veggie meals (locally sourced and organic when possible) are included as part of the program. 

At Finca Armonia, you’ll wake up to sweet-smelling breezes and howler monkey calls vibrating the trees around you. To the crisp aroma of a rain shower and blossoming flowers. To birds chirping and rustling leaves stirring tenderly against each other.

In this deeply immersive environment, you will be a part of a conscious tribe of women and men, all seeking to cultivate and grow their yogic knowledge.

Here’s what you will find at Finca Armonia during the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

  • Lodging in an off-grid, immersive community in the jungle of Costa Rica. Enrolling in this program gives you housing in eco-conscious container homes throughout the duration of the course. Thus, there’s no need to find lodging elsewhere – it’s all included in the program. This is a wonderfully rejuvenating environment for deep soul work – and a space to surrender the ego into the surrounding jungle.


  • Vegetarian Meals. Mouthwatering vegetarian meals – with vibrant, fresh-picked fruits, vegetables, and more – are available to all students at the permaculture community. We ensure that these meals have the nourishment you need – including wholesome sources of protein.


  • Complete Yoga Teacher Training and Self-Empowerment Modules. In addition to all of the above, this program also has comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training and Self-Empowerment modules (for a breakdown of each of these modules, see the “What This 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Intensive Includes” section, below).

Tuition for the 200 Hour Full-Immersion Format

Thousands of hours have been lovingly poured into creating a program that is expertly designed to harmoniously integrate yoga philosophy, self-empowerment, health-based applications of yoga, foundational techniques, and more.

It has been exhaustively developed, fine-tuned, and refined so that all of our students have a truly transformative and empowering experience.

We’ve worked tirelessly to make sure that when you graduate, you really are in a position to instill practical new knowledge in your own students – and grow your yoga-based business. And we always strive to make this as accessible to potential students as possible. The program is priced at $3,500 USD. This includes lodging in a shared room, 3 fresh vegetarian meals a day, 200 hr yoga teacher training certification course, shuttle to / from the farm from Puerto Viejo town, weekly beach shuttle, taxes and fees (airfare not included).

For those who are looking for a raw jungle to explore – a place as wild and natural as your body – then this is for you. At Finca Armonia, you’ll not only deepen and strengthen your yoga knowledge, but you will also emerge more energized for what lies in your future – and more empowered with the grace of the divine feminine.

Tuition Details

A non-refundable 30% deposit ($1,050 USD) holds your place in the program, and the remaining is due 60 days before the program start date. All payment is processed via credit or debit card on our secure online server. You will receive secure, automated reminders for payment with easy to use links to process your card.

We only accept 24 students into our live programs. 

Yes, I Want to Begin This Journey of

Self-Empowerment, Yoga Training, and Deep Immersion

"I am just immensely grateful for the support and love I’ve received and been able to give in such a safe and sacred space. Really tuning into my inner dialogue has helped me notice the things that are holding me back. Learning with such passionate and knowledgeable teachers has inspired me incredibly. Thank you thank you thank you." - 2016 Passion Graduate

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Expand Your Yoga Knowledge, Business Skills, And

explore Your Wounds and Trauma with

Your Own Inner Light

Passion Yoga School’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training + Self-Empowerment course has positively impacted so many of our students. Here are a few ways you’ll benefit from the program.

  • Create more business opportunities as a yoga teacher. During this 21-day program, you will explore the principles of yoga – which you can then share with your students. With renewed confidence and clarity, you will have more to offer to private clients and yoga studios. You will learn what steps you can take to grow your income as a yoga teacher.  


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  • Connect with other empowered goddesses in a nurturing conscious community. All of the people who participate in this program are daringly unique, but they share one thing in common: a desire to spread warmth and kindness and connect with others in a real, human way. This is your opportunity to fully immerse yourself in spiritual family and reinvigorate your spirit. This is a safe, sacred place for you – where you can move towards the work of healing your soul and being fully seen in your power.


  • Shine with your inner light. In addition to yoga training (where you will learn advanced yoga techniques), you’ll also receive extensive training in self-empowerment. By acquiring practices to honor your physical Self and maintain inner peace of mind,  you will experience an inspired fusion of both physical and spiritual elements. This makes it easier to gain a sense of clarity about your life – where you come from, and where you are going.


Giving you a wholesome experience of profound change, this program is a vehicle for true spiritual healing. Our human condition can be so very challenging. As women, especially – finding our voice, our power, our worth – can be a confusing dance of trauma, and oftentimes one of abandonment and humiliation.

The deeper that we get into this work with women, the more we see how the “stories” repeat themselves. All of us have such similar pains, struggles, fears, doubts – but we hide inside our inner dialogue and too few of us come together in sacred sisterhood to share the truth enshrined in our hearts.

This, then, is what we strive to offer. An opportunity for seekers to come together and be heard, be seen, be felt – and to then have the courage to break the chains of old, limiting ideas or ways of being. To awaken to a new confidence, new power, new clarity in our role of healing our families and our world.

Attention: This Intensive is Not For Everyone

We can’t promise that this is the right program for you.  If you want a luxury experience, in an environment that is shut off from Mother Nature, then our program is not for you. And if you have no desire to delve into your past traumas and spiritual wounds – only wishing to understand the physical layers of yoga practice – then you'll quickly discover that this 21-day intensive isn't right for you.

But if you’re filled with joyful anticipation at the thought of soaking up the sun’s heat, of trudging through a jungle that is very much alive with vine-covered tree trunks, buzzing insects, flitting birds, and lush foliage rioting throughout the ground – all beautiful in their nakedness – then we’re waiting for you.

And if you love the thought of deep trusting and learning – if you’re excited to meet new people and unashamedly explore the wildness of your body and soul...if you want to lie down at night and see a sky bursting with stars, hear the voice of your soul, and feel the entire universe surging and flowing around you – then rest assured that this is the program for you.

"I got everything I wanted out of it and more...I am so excited to take everything that I gained here and just take it into the world and explode with it.” - Rayn S.

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What This 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Intensive Includes

A Look Inside the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training + Self-Empowerment Intensive


Fundamental Yoga Techniques. You will learn how to safely and effectively cue asana (postures) in proper bio-mechanical alignment to serve the physical and energetic health of a student. In this way, your students will reap the benefits of your additional training, allowing you to share your gifts in a powerful way.

Yoga Teacher Methodology. After completing this program, you will have the skills needed to teach a variety of student types. You’ll know how to properly sequence a vinyasa-based class with confidence; effectively hold space for personal transformation; and speak to a variety of learning styles for optimal growth.

Yoga Philosophy for Modern Living. Diving into the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita for ancient wisdom on modern living; understanding the 8 Limbed (Ashtanga) path of yoga as a method leading to immersion into the God state in this life; explore the power of meditation in uncovering clarity and peace.

Anatomy and Physiology. Explore the major muscles of the physical yoga practice, systems of the body, and hormone balance from a Western perspective; dive into Yoga's sister science of Ayurveda to understand your unique body composition and the role of the 5 elements in your overall health; discover the Chakras, Koshas, Nadis and other elements of Yogic Anatomy and how to restore health in these subtle energetic systems with the practical tools of yoga.

Business Principles, Strategies, and Tactics from a Six Figure Yogi. With refreshingly concrete insights, you’ll develop confidence on how to move forward professionally into the Conscious Art of the Hustle; strategize with other New Paradigm leaders on ideas for starting or expanding your Conscious Business endeavor; dive into what it means to be a New Paradigm Entrepreneur / Conscious Activist in the age of the Internet; learn Online Marketing Strategies, and what it means to have a Sales Funnel; and how to use Content Marketing. You will learn all of this from Adi Shakti, host of the Six Figure Yogi, and experienced in growing a successful yoga business.

Sacred Ceremony. Explore your limiting beliefs and patterns that keep you feeling isolated and in shame; discover the power of ceremony and natural immersion in opening your heart and connecting you with Source and your Spiritual Family; dance, sing, pray and offer devotion to the Great Spirit.

Womban Wisdom. De-mystify the uniquely feminine body; learn about the power of orgasm as a tool for spiritual evolution; understand how a plant-based diet designed for your unique constitution supports you in balance throughout your cycle.


All of these modules represent a coherent synthesis of yogic knowledge. They work together to give you a firm grounding in everything needed to take your yoga practice to a level of professional excellence – and share it with others. Complete with detailed step-by-step instruction in the finer points of yoga, this 200 hour program is registered with the Yoga Alliance.


Coming here I learned so much more than how to become a yoga teacher. I learned how to love myself, and how to love others. I learned compassion, and how to make myself feel the bliss that I’ve had inside myself the entire time.”
— 2016 Passion Graduate

Yes, I Want to Begin This Journey of

Self-Empowerment, Yoga Training, and Deep Immersion


Cultivating a Foundation of Yogic Wisdom Through Expert Guidance and Lifelong Inspiration


A thorough, all-encompassing study of yoga in a tranquil environment is the cornerstone of Passion Yoga School’s holistic teaching approach. Steeped in a pedigree of producing effective, successful yoga teachers around the world, our core teaching philosophy is built upon the Akhanda Shakti Method. An integrative fusion rooted in tradition, it is the blend of two approaches.



We are dedicated to the traditional ancient teachings of our lineage. We also commit to a re-wilding. To the liberation of the divine feminine. Our Method is the marriage of solid anatomical training and the heart of spiritual evolution. Akhanda is the approach of Yogrishi Vishvketu, our teacher, a Himalayan yoga master. Shakti is the addition to this approach by our founder, Adi Shakti, with the purpose of awakening and inspiring the divine feminine through transformational experiences.


Akhanda Shakti is the union of these techniques. It was created with the blessings of our teacher, Yogrishi Vishvketu.




After you've watched the above video, be sure you read more about our faculty at Passion Yoga School by simply going here.


Travel Arrangements

You will fly into San Jose, Costa Rica (airport code SJO). You need to be at Tasty Waves Cantina in Playa Cocles at 3pm on Sunday for your shuttle to the farm. We will start Monday morning at 6:30am with opening ceremony. For more details on arriving to Puerto Viejo visit here.

This full-immersion, 200 hour program is hosted at Finca Armonia, a sacred gathering space for awakening and empowering the divine feminine, in Punta Uva, Puerto Viejo.

There will also be complimentary weekly beach shuttles (about 15min) on Saturday afternoons. You can also coordinate shuttles during your lunch breaks for an additional fee if you would like to spend more time at some of the most beautiful tropical beaches in the world. 


Questions? Let Adi Answer Them for You!

Watch the video below as Adi explains our curriculum, FAQs, and what to expect as you take this deep journey back to your essence.

Still Have Questions? More Answers Here

Is this a Yoga Alliance registered program?

Yes. Passion Yoga School is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) for the 200 Hour, 300 Hour, and 85 Hour Pre-Natal levels. Upon successful completion of one of the previously mentioned programs, you are eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), and will be certified to teach yoga internationally.

What is the general schedule?

Please see the specific program page for details on the schedule. You should plan to be fully available for the duration of the course.

Who typically comes to your programs?

We welcome all shapes, sizes, races, sexes, genders, religions, and orientations to our programs. That being said, many of our students are women from the ages of 20 - 35 who are deeply called to empower their inner Goddess, release their shame, and step more fully into themselves. We have formed a strong sisterhood, and we welcome brothers into our spiritual family with open arms.

How do I get to you? Where exactly are you located?

We’re located on the Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica in a small town called Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. The best way to get to us is to fly into Juan Santamaria Airport (SJO) and take a shuttle to your accommodation reserved for the training. We recommend booking Caribe Shuttle for your transportation. Be sure to check their departure schedules before you book your flight. Their shuttles leave Denny’s Restaurant twice a day, which is about 5 minutes away from the airport by taxi.

Can I bring my children?

We are unable to host children at Finca Armonia due to the all inclusive, intensive format.

Where should I stay during, before or after the program?

For programs at Finca Armonia (meals/accommodation included in program): When you register, you receive a Welcome Packet with tons of great, budget-specific information on where to stay both in San Jose or Puerto Viejo before or after your intensive program.

What can I expect in terms of weather?

We are blessed to live in complete harmony with nature and experience ALL of her wild cycles (possibly in one day) here in the Caribbean. You can expect to be blessed by the radiant Caribbean sun and the intense Caribbean rain that beats down on the jungle canopy. Honoring Mother Nature in all her forms is an integral part of our practice here at Passion Yoga School.

What should I bring with me?

Once you place your deposit, you will receive a detailed list of items to bring that are required for the course. Two weeks before the course begins, you will receive a packing list and helpful travel information about your upcoming trip.

What about internet access?

For our immersion programs at Finca Armonia:

WiFi will be available based on energetic ability from the sustainable energy system at the center. Expect to be disconnected from the internet most of the time, and connected with your spiritual family and the nature that surrounds you. If you NEED WiFi to keep in touch with work, etc. – it is better to find a different program. Our program is about unplugging so you really nourish yourself in a meaningful way.

What are the expectations around daily discipline?

The boundaries and expectations for our programs will be outlined on the first day of class. They include a vegetarian diet, abstinence, periods of silence, and more. We call our programs intensives for a reason. We go deep. Be ready to show up for yourself and your practice every day to fully experience everything the program has to offer.

How much experience in yoga should I have before doing the course?

We ask that all students come with at least a year of practice. Our tradition is unique and we will focus on providing pristine education and building a powerful foundation that incorporates asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation, sequencing techniques, and more.

We further recommend that you practice asana and begin a meditation routine a month before the training. This will assure that you’re fully in your practice and will allow you to reap the benefits of daily sadhana (spiritual practice).

How can I prepare for the training?

We recommend that a month before the program begins, you commit to a daily asana practice of at least 1 hour, and a 20-minute meditation practice. This is not essential, but this routine will allow you to gain the most out of our intensives. You can also take Adi Shakti’s 7 Days to Bliss eRetreat, and you will get immediate access to this once you register. It will allow you to practice the Akhanda Shakti style, listen in on lectures, and practice a plant-based diet (if you don’t already!).

How does payment work?

To reserve your space in one of our personal transformation intensives, we ask that you make a deposit of 30% of the total price by following the payment link. We accept payment by debit card or credit card. The final payment for the training is due 60 days before the program start date, and you will receive an automated reminder email with a link to submit payment. If you would prefer smaller installments, please email us and we can easily find a solution that serves you.

What style of yoga do you teach?

In-depth information on our style and method can be found here.

Do you offer scholarships? What about work exchange?

We have a few early bird scholarships that have VERY limited availability. More information about our scholarship opportunities for upcoming programs can be found by emailing We don’t currently accept work exchange for our personal transformation intensives.

What do I need to bring?

A list of essential items will be sent to your inbox via email once you place your 30% deposit.

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

All deposits are non-refundable. However, they are transferable, so if for whatever reason you place your deposit and can’t join us, you can give your spot to someone else. All deposits are valid through the next calendar year, so you may apply your payment to a future program that fits a change in your schedule.

How do I know if this isn’t the program for me?

If you aren’t ready to dive into the depths of your soul, discover places where you feel uncomfortable, and release the layers of yourself that cause you suffering – this isn’t the program for you. We live in the jungle where the energy of Mother Nature is strong. It’s humid – the air is thick here. There are truly huge bugs. Rain will wet your hair, with your feet trudging in mud. Simply put, this isn’t the program for you if you aren’t ready to commit to your growth 1000%.

How do I know if this is the program for me?

This is the program for you if you’re ready to change your life. If you’ve come to a crossroads in your life and are looking for new direction, this is the program for you. If you’re ready to face your deepest fears, express yourself, and be fully loved, seen, and accepted – this is the right program. We’ve been waiting for you.

Our Passion Graduates Love This Intensive – Here’s What They Have to Say!


My yoga practice has been physically deepened and spiritually enhanced. My relationship with myself has been uplifted and I am empowered, and my partnership has reached a deeper understanding and connection.”
— 2016 Passion Graduate
I am leaving here empowered and full of self love. I learned on a deeper level that what has happened to me doesn’t necessarily define me. I learned it is beautiful to be vulnerable and to release, cry and allow myself to heal. I can’t wait to teach my students the same thing.
— 2016 Passion Graduate
[Passion Yoga School] has transformed me even more than I thought possible. You gave me the tools and the wisdom to look deeper inside myself and find the strength to overcome any obstacle. Thank you!
— 2016 Passion Graduate
Such a safe space to heal and grow with such an awesome staff. What was created here is something I’ve never experienced and will always treasure. I’m in awe of how Passion Yoga School was put together.
— 2016 Passion Graduate
Coming here I learned so much more than how to become a yoga teacher. I learned how to love myself, and how to love others. I learned compassion, and how to make myself feel the bliss that I’ve had inside myself the entire time.
— 2016 Passion Graduate

Many of our graduates have seen an increase in income as a direct result of what they learned in the special business module. Others have told us how extraordinarily liberating and inspiring the 200 hour teacher training experience was. All of them have enjoyed a greater sense of empowerment. We’d love for you to be a part of this beautiful soul adventure.


Yes, I Want to Begin This Journey of

Self-Empowerment, Yoga Training, and Deep Immersion


Because this is a live, experiential training – with our faculty devoting time to teaching and training every day – this program only has 28 sacred spaces.