Mama India has been calling you, and you have been searching for the opportunity that feels right. You want to hear the ancient vedic chants, smell the burning incense in the street, hear the busy vendors, and feel the heart opening that comes with ceremony at the Ganges.

You want a guide that is welcomed warmly by the community and knows it well. You want to feel safe, accepted, cared for, and you are ready to be uncomfortable for the sake of your personal transformation. 

You want a group of soul seekers that match your passionate wild spirit. You want the authentic experience of ancient tradition, to offer your hands in conscious sustainable service, and to have the opportunity to connect in with your inner childlike wonder.

Welcome, fellow seeker, it is time to journey back home.

Meet your Guides


Erin has led 100+ yogis into deeper connection to source through transformational programs in Costa Rica. She is a head priestess at Passion Yoga School and specializes in making students feel welcome, heard, and supported. She draws upon her holistic health and nutrition education to create mindful offerings that support the balance of the different layers of being. Trained in Rishikesh, India by Yoga Master Yogrishi Vishvketu, she weaves the sacred wisdom of the Motherland into each of her offerings. She is a devotional Bhakti yogi and considers Rishikesh her second home. 


Sourcing knowledge from her education and research in Psychology, Ivanna provides emotional support for the students throughout their change and transformation at PYS. Her passion lies in creating supportive spaces for people to courageously dive into themselves in order to feel the electricity of their true authentic and empowered nature. When she is not busy with facilitating teacher trainings, she is travelling, leading yoga retreats, and connecting with the magical gifts that Pacha Mama has to offer.

Your Journey in Detail

Day 1

Arrive to Delhi Airport on November 2 or early in the morning of November 3. Many flights arrive around midnight, so be VERY CAREFUL as you book. A Passion Yoga School guide will be there holding a sign with your name to transfer you to the 4 Star Hotel. (D)

Day 2

Enjoy a healthy vegetarian breakfast and depart via private group shuttle for Rishikesh. This can be a long day, and you will be AMAZED by the sights outside of your window as we head north to the foothills of the Himalayas. (B, L, D)

Day 3

Wake up with the sun and walk the 2 minutes with the group to Sadhana (spiritual practice) at the ashram with Vishva-ji. The class will include asana, mantra, pranayama, and meditation. After Sadhana, participate in sacred fire ceremony at the ashram to welcome the day. Enjoy breakfast at the hotel, and get to know Rishikesh with a walking tour. (B, D)

DAy 4

After yoga, ceremony, and breakfast, enjoy a free day. Shop. (You won't believe the incredible goodies you can get for CHEAP!) Participate in a talk with a local master. Sit and share tea with the local people. Meditate at the Ganga. Explore local ashrams. The possibilities are endless. Evening Yin practice with Erin. (B, D)


After the morning routine, visit the Elementary School we support. Enjoy a welcome ceremony, spend some time with the children, and distribute donations. Take a walk through the local village to see how their families live, and learn how you can continue to make a difference for these kids. Evening sharing circle to process the day. (B, L, D) 

Day 6

Ceremony & Breakfast. Another free day to get to know the magic of Rishikesh and allow it all to unfold. Tonight, we will enjoy dinner and devotional song with the children of Ramana's Garden - a local school and orphanage near our hotel. We will get to know their work, hear their stories, and have a meaningful exchange. (B, D)

Day 7

Ceremony & Breakfast. Enjoy a free afternoon. This evening we will attend the nightly Puja (fire ceremony) of one of the world's most famous ashrams, Parmarth Niketan. Listen to the sacred chants and join with hundreds of others as the sun sets over Ganga-ma. (B, D)


Ceremony & Breakfast. Get ready to be humbled. Trash is an issue in India - there is no question about it! Today we volunteer with Clean Himalaya, a local initiative of the Sivananda Ashram to keep Rishikesh beautiful. Be sure to bring your gloves and a good attitude! Evening is free. (B, D)

Day 9

Ceremony & Breakfast. We will have a powerful ancestral healing ceremony at the Ganga. Tonight's farewell dinner will be at the Hare Krishna ashram, where will we dance, sing, and eat with Krishna devotees. Be ready to have your heart ripped wide open in this powerful devotional ceremony. (B, D)

DAY 10

Dive deeply into your last sacred Ceremony & Ayurvedic Breakfast. Get ready to check out, and today we fly back to Delhi to our 4 star hotel. Don't worry, you will be back! :) 

(B, D)

Day 11

Wake up in Delhi to participate in an unique city tour. Salaam Baalak Trust is a local initiative that supports young children in getting off of the streets. Be guided through Delhi through the perspective of a guide who has been supported by the program. Such a great initiative! (B, D)

Day 12

Fly out of Delhi late in the evening of the 12th or early morning of the 13th. You have a hotel room the evening of the 12th, so book what is best for you! If you need to miss the last day tour - that's okay too. 

A special Thank You to our soul family Katya Nova Photography for the photos. 


Passion Yoga School Head Priestess Guide, Local Ayurvedic Guide, 8 nights at 4 Star Hotel in Rishikesh, 3 nights at 4 Star Hotel in Delhi, Airport pick up from Passion Yoga School representative, all Breakfasts, all Dinners, daily yoga with Himalayan Master Yogrishi Vishvketu, Visit to local Elementary School, Visit to local Orphanage, Service day with Clean Himalaya, Daily Fire Puja at the ashram, Rishikesh walking tour, Group shuttle from Delhi to Rishikesh, Domestic flight from Rishikesh to Delhi, coordination of volunteer activities as listed, coordination of transformational experiences as listed, donation to local initiatives, taxes, fees, and tips. 


$1749 USD for a shared room (double occupancy)

30% is due now

This is non-refundable, without exception

The remaining is due September 2, 2017

*Note: Plan to spend $10/day on lunch and allow for a personal shopping budget (up to you!)



The flight is not included. Be very mindful as you book. With long travel times and time zone shifts, be sure to double check that your arrival / departure times match the itinerary requirements. Or, plan to book your own early arrival / late departure travel details. 


Arrive to Delhi Airport on November 2 or early in the morning of November 3 


Fly out of Delhi late in the evening of the 12th or early morning of the 13th. You have a hotel room the evening of the 12th, so book what is best for you! If you need to miss the last day tour - that's okay too. 


Flights to Delhi in November range from $650 (New York) - $1300 (small US cities).

Check the largest airport near you for the best rates. 


Visit the Center for Disease Control website for up-to-date requirements ( and/or speak with a local travel doctor regarding vaccinations.

We also advise that you speak with your doctor regarding a prescription for an antibiotic to combat food and water borne illnesses. 

Recommendations for India include:

Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid

Required Documents

Passport is required

Visa is required for India and must be obtained ahead of time. Please visit India Government online visa page to begin the process.

Travel Insurance is required

  Medical evacuation and repatriation required. We recommend Travel Guard. Please purchase ASAP so that you can be refunded in the event that you must cancel. 

Please Note that India is not for everyone. It is very humbling, and it can be very challenging. We have picked the best of the best for your experience, but Mama India always has her own plans for us. Things will change. Things will not make sense. You will see things that may sadden your soul. 

If you are not willing to be uncomfortable for the sake of personal transformation and deep growth - this program is NOT for you. It is dirty. There is painful poverty. Language barriers. Cultural barriers. It smells weird. However - if you are ready to dive deeply into yourself for a truer understanding of Source - this will be one of the most powerful experiences of your life.