The Empowered Goddess: A Modern Business Seminar for the Awakened Woman


March 13 - 18, 2017

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

(That's in the Caribbean, baby!)


(accommodation & meals not included)

Puerto Viejo, Limon, Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo, Limon, Costa Rica

From Fiery Passion to Conscious Paycheck


  • Your Wild Soul Burns to Serve
  • You are Ready to Increase Your Impact and Expand Your Reach
  • You are Fiercely Committed to Fine Tuning Your Business
  • You want a Proven Professional Framework Designed to Attract More of Your Ideal Clients  
  • You Offer a Service Out into the World and are Ready to Cut Through the Mysteries of Online Marketing, Branding, the Art of Paid Advertising, and Traffic Generation 


  • You are ready to be a paid Spiritual Warrior changing countless lives and inspiring other women to step into their own power. 
  • You belong at this Seminar - tailored to meet the needs for your conscious-new-paradigm Service or Event based business. 
  • Just because you are a free spirited hippie goddess who believes in what you do doesn't mean that you should settle for lower profit margins.
  • Let's expand what you have into something that touches more lives & makes you more money, and let's do it in sacred sisterhood.

March 13 - 18, 2017

The first session starts at 10am on March 13, and we end at 10am on March 18. We recommend flying in early and staying late (or maybe forever...) to heal in Mama Caribe, enjoy the local ayurvedic cafe, find a wild woman ceremony, soak in the rich culture of the indigenous tribe, or sway in the breeze with a tropical beverage and chill reggae beats.


Tuition is $1996; 30% is due now (non-refundable), and 70% is due 60 days before the seminar begins

*Accommodation and meals are not included. We recommend Airbnb to find housing near the center or you can search many of the beautiful eco-hotels in our village. 



The Seminar will be held at the Maha Shakti Center, a women's sanctuary whose mission is to awaken and empower the divine feminine. 

Located in Cocles, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. 

We aren't easy to get to (you've gotta earn it!). You'll fly into San Jose (Airport code SJO). You can then take a hopper plane to Limon (30min), shuttle (4-5 hours), or private taxi (4-5 hours) right to your rental home or hotel.

Your sanctuary where the jungle meets the sea and divine gatherings of sisters, from lives past, manifest in creative collaboration. The howler monkeys vibrate in the canopy as the sun peeks over the Talamanca mountains, and empowered women from across the globe unite expanding consciousness.

Meet your Seminar LeadeR, Adi Shakti

Creative Director of Passion Yoga School, host of the Six Figure Yogi, Creative Mastermind of the Maha Shakti Center, author, and humanitarian. Adi manifested the Empowered Goddess Seminar to serve as the launching pad for empowering impassioned new paradigm women entrepreneurs to come together to collaborate, get their s*** together, and elevate collective consciousness through creating a more loving world. Adi Shakti is a born leader, empowered creator, and active force of nature. She enjoys a global freedom lifestyle of empowered entrepreneurship. She lives full time in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica.

What's Included?

+ Your exclusive spot in the Empowered Goddess Seminar and ALL sessions held over the course of 6 days

+ Seminar Workshops Include (but are far from limited to): 

  • The Power of Automated Marketing Systems
  • Online Marketing and Understanding of the Art of Paid Traffic (Facebook, Instagram, and Google Advertising)
  • Getting more qualified names, Building a Bigger List, and discovering the art of Social Prospecting
  • Building your Marketing Automation and Content Development Strategy
  • Profiting from Improved Customer Relationship Management
  • Developing your 2 Year Business Plan with actionable steps to meeting profit goals
  • Website Development De-Mystified
  • Actionable strategies for Lead Conversions
  • Developing an effective Sales Funnel to reclaim personal freedom 
  • Hot Seat Sessions - one on one intensive to get clarity on what needs transformation and attention in your business 
  • Branding Breakdown - scanning your platform and making sure your core message is felt in everything you do
  • And so much more...

+ Daily meditations, fitness classes, or yoga

+ Head Shots with professional photographer

+ Membership into a profoundly divine group of Soulful Goddess Entrepreneurs

+ Donation to a local project 

+ All taxes and fees included

What will you accomplish on this retreat?

  • Go from Fiery Passion to Conscious Paycheck
  • Crystallize your vision by developing a real world strategy for implementing the action steps needed to meet your long term goals 
  • Define who exactly it is you are meant to serve and how to reach them in their living rooms 
  • Calculate your cost of customer acquisition and gain control of your return on business investment
  • Dive into your content marketing strategy so you are on track to deliver incredible value to your community 
  • Refine (or create!) your sales funnel process and clean up your customer experience through Landing Pages, Marketing Automation and Customer Relationship Management 
  • Get down and dirty with website design, purchase psychology, and how to make your website a tool for developing lucrative relationships with ideal clients 
  • Learn how to capture the hearts and influence those you are meant to serve
  • Build customer loyalty into your sales process
  • Understand what it means to work ON your business rather than IN your business and how to attract the 5 star team to get you there
  • Discover the art of paid traffic and Social Prospecting: how to most effectively reach, and re-target your ideal client through Facebook, Instagram, Google Advertising and other platforms
  • Magnify your brand message into a soulful, authentic voice
  • Engage in mastermind sessions with other Empowered Goddesses to reveal the gaps in your business
  • Learn the specific online services, resources, and systems that work together to ensure your success
  • Collaborate. Share. Inspire. Empower. And so much more...

What this will do for you

  • Allow for peace of mind as you move into greater confidence 
  • Know you are doing EXACTLY what you need to be doing to grow your business
  • Get more clients and make more money with what you love
  • Increase attendance for your service based business, live events or international programs 
  • Automate online marketing and sales so you can wake up to income and reclaim your time
  • Increase your email list, Social Media following and presence
  • Connects you to a sisterhood of Bad A** Entrepreneurs to lean on, turn to, and manifest with

WARNING: This is NOT for you if....

You aren't ready to do what it takes or be held accountable in transforming your business.

You don't like the idea of muddy feet, sand in your hair, and melted chocolate spread all over your body.

You aren't at least a little turned on by (or curious about) the idea of wild women coming together and howling at the moon.

You are grumpy, don't like to have fun or are impossible to please (loving, open, playful goddesses only!)