SoulWork is a film about the Passion process coming in early 2019.... 

The film showcases the process of deep personal transformation work to embodied conscious social activism out in the world.

It follows one of our students actually going through the Passion Yoga School process here in the jungles of Costa Rica, where we use the techniques of yoga, ceremony, and other activities designed to encourage more vulnerability and intimacy, both with ourselves and with each other.  

The concept here is that we're diving into our shadow. We're diving into our wounds.  We’re having the courage to explore these feelings of shame and resistance, anger, sadness and grief.  These emotions of the subconscious mind very often create blockages in our energetic system. And when we have blockages in our system, we're unable to really flow with life.  We get stuck in anxiety and depression, and it's difficult for us to move through fear when we're blocked in this way.  

This is when we begin to lead unconscious lives of remaining asleep, working jobs that we hate, staying in relationships that don't serve us, etc. We're diving into our wounds and doing our own personal transformation work, clearing these blockages of energy so that we can emerge with more clarity.  

We are liberating this creative force, and creative potential to then manifest beautiful things out into the world. The Passion Yoga School process is this journey from personal transformation to embodied leadership.  It is a journey of awakening to our life’s purpose and of learning and applying technical strategies so that we can grow our businesses consciously and create positive social impact.  We really see the work that we're doing here as a political movement.  We are encouraging seekers to dive into their own trauma and shame, looking at their sexuality, looking at their blockages.  Doing the personal transformation work so that they can emerge as conscious and mindful leaders, supporting their local communities, building conscious businesses, making conscious purchasing choices, and really being advocates for this social movement of global awakening.