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Goddess Rising: Sasha Peakall

Every week, we are so incredibly blessed to connect and collaborate with a wonderful woman from around the world who is part of the health, wellness and personal development community. This is our chance to share space here with some of the most inspiring ladies out there as they do great things following their passion.

Sasha Peakall once the queen of overwhelmed biz chicks is a self confessed recovering chronic stress-head and perfectionist turned “Biz Overwhelm Buster” coach for Type A Biz chicks. Since quitting her highly paid (and highly stressful) Marketing Management job for an Australian travel company she has been dedicated to helping entrepreneurial women create their dream businesses without all the stress, overwhelm and burnout that often comes with starting a business.

She mentors women in building solid business foundations, creating marketing systems that free up their time and life schedules that prioritise what is most important to them so they can run a business of freedom and live the lifestyle they truly desire. Supporting the chicks in her “Type A Biz Chicks” Facebook group daily and helping them work through their Facebook Advertising and marketing pickles is what lights her fire!

You can find out more on her website and join her Type A Biz Chicks FB support group here

Passion Yoga School: How do you use your work as a spiritual tool?

Sasha Peakall: I really fell into my current work when I was at a real low. I was questioning my life and my purpose and the decisions I’d made that got me to a place I didn’t want to be. I was doubting myself and I was completely lost. The process of questioning my life, the business I wanted to run and forgiving myself for past failure was a deeply intimate and spiritual process that is a constant in my everyday work.

As an employee I never felt fully in touch with who I was as a person, I always felt held back from my inner potential yet I didn’t know what that inner potential was.

Starting a business was completely liberating. It has been the best lesson in self-discovery and it has opened my eyes and helped me be more aware of my purpose, my strengths and my weakness.

My work on a day to day basis helps me align with what I believe to be my purpose, to be an agent of encouragement to help people discover their inner potential in business and life.

My work helping people build smart marketing strategies and solid business foundations may seem clunky, technical and uninspired but in fact it is so much more holistic than that.

Business success is built on clarity and authenticity and the only way you can truly have that is to truly be in touch with yourself and your soul! That is the first step to building solid business foundations and smart marketing strategies (and is often the piece people are missing from their business equation). 

PYS: The cracks are how the light gets in. Tell us how your core wounds have inspired your work.

Sasha: I am a classic Type A personality, a fierce hard worker, chronic perfectionist and competitive by nature but for as long as I can remember my Type A tendencies has been the thing that has made me mentally and physically suffer.

Since high school I have suffered from chronic stress induced anxiety, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and insomnia that time and time again leads to prolong illness due to burnout. Call it my own brand of self-sabotage, overworking then paying the price both physically and mentally and yet I couldn’t seem to let go of these habits that got me into trouble time and time again.

It wasn’t until I did Yoga Teacher Training in India that my eyes were open to my own negative patterns, to the fact that it was my choices and tendencies that caused me to be burnout time and time again. I could no longer put it down to a poor immune system and bad lack, I had some control over my body and wellness and I could no longer deny that I had to get serious and make changes in my life and the way I worked.

It was my own journey to let go a little at a time, be mindful of my body and when things were getting too much and to start implementing systems that would help me achieve great things without all the stress that I started to see that I was on to something.

I realised that if I could ease up on my Type A tendencies over time and live a much more calm and content life, so could all those other female entrepreneurs that I saw struggling with the exact same things I was.

I realised that it was my duty to share what I had discovered and support other women on their own journeys to business success without the constant overwhelm, stress and burnout. 

PYS: What is your worst habit and what are you doing to improve it?

Sasha: As a Type A with a lot of ambition I really struggle to stay in the present. I’m always thinking of new ideas, plotting for the future or evaluating what went wrong in the past to improve for the future. It makes me a great innovator and creator however it makes action taking difficult as I often get stuck on what I’m working on in the present because I’m so focused on the future.

Every day is a battle to be more present and it’s something I’m a long way off mastering. Through Yoga, meditation and just general awareness I am trying to be far more mindful of when I fall into this future/past fixating patterns and bring myself back into the present. 

PYS: What advice would you offer to other goddesses working to actualize their potential?

Sasha: What I have seen in myself and with so many of the women I work with is that we are so kind and forgiving to all those around us, but when it comes to ourselves we are harsh and unforgiving.

We get into these cycles of beating ourselves up, talking ourselves down and questioning our abilities and talents.

We view failure as the worst case scenario that we should be punished for not a tool for growth.

As goddesses we need to give ourselves the same forgiveness and compassion that all this time we have reserved for others.

We need to pat ourselves on the back when things don’t go according to plan because at least we took action! After all, failure can only come with action and imperfect action is at least progress!

We need to be kind to ourselves, acknowledge our wins however small and remind ourselves that we are goddesses in the first place!

PYS: What does your daily spiritual practice look like?

Sasha: I have always been a lousy meditator, sitting still and trying to be aware somehow always becomes the time when my mind is most rational and a mini business planning session in my mind begins…not exactly a recipe for being present!

But, when I’m out in nature, (which I try to do daily) walking or cycling that is when I find myself most mindful, fully present in the moment, content with my life, a feeling a reprieve from the chaos of running a business.

There is nothing quite like like the breeze caressing your face, birds singing soulfully, the scent of nature wafting up your nostrils to forget the troubles of the modern world and feel at one with the universe!

It’s so important to find YOUR way of connecting with the world on a deeper level, whether it be through mediation, Yoga, being out in nature, dancing, singing, or even just savouring every delicious bite of the food you eat. Making time daily to be spiritual will not only save your sanity, it will help you skyrocket you business to success!

PYS: What secrets (past or present) have kept you from living in your truth?

Sasha: I’ve always come across as confident and self-assured at what I do…but beneath that has always been a person with a trembling fear that she’s not good enough. That she doesn’t have everything that it takes.

I think it goes way back to being 7 when I had difficulties reading and was way behind the other kids in my class. I didn’t want to be “that girl” who couldn’t read so I fought my way up, eventually to the top of the class. But, all that time, despite my hard work I felt like a phoney, I thought at any moment someone would discover that I was not smart at all, in fact I was really dumb.

That childhood feeling of “not being enough” has always stuck with me.

The irony is that I’ve always had a talent for helping people realise they’re own strengths, increase their confidence and help them make smart decisions out of clarity not fear of being less than someone else.

Curating confidence is a daily battle and it is why I now practice and advocate celebrating your wins however small on a daily basis! It is only through recognising when you get stuff right, rather then fixating on everything that goes wrong that you can truly see progress, feel confident and content.

PYS: Who inspires you?

Sasha: My husband is my biggest inspiration. He is my rock that keeps me centred, while I'm such a future thinker, he is grounded in the present and pulls me back in when I wallow in things I have no control over. Every "Type A" needs a person like that in their life!