Womban Wisdom: Your Menstruation & The Moon - Part 2

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Every human is born with an inherent connection to powerful spiritual forces that speak through the actions, words, and energies of the body. The woman is a portal to the intimate workings of the Universe. The wisdom of the woman is hidden in her ever changing cycles that flow with the luminous light of the Moon. This post is part two of four, and builds on the wisdom share in the first post, which can be found by clicking here in case you missed it.


The Ovulatory Phase - Inner Summer

The second phase of the four phases of the menstrual cycle is the ovulatory phase, or ‘inner summer’. Just as the hot sun illuminates the blossoming, fertile flowers in summertime - the heat and fertility of the woman’s body blooms to it’s fullest potential during this phase.  Most women experience this phase for 3 - 4 days. This time represents the most fertile, radiant, and juicy phase of the four phases of the menstrual cycle.


Your Hormones & The Ovulatory Phase

Each phase of the menstrual cycle is connected to specific chemical messengers, known as hormones, that influence the process of transformation in the body. The ovulatory phase represents the time when the woman’s body glows with radiant fertility, thanks to the rise and peak of the ‘beauty’ hormone estrogen. The focus of the body during this time is to build and release juicy cervical fluid that helps the sperm to stay alive in the womb long enough to get the chance to meet with the egg for possible conception. Most women will experience a radiant glow during this time as the hormones work to illuminate her skin, eyes, and face. Women even experience a slight change in their scent during this time, as nature works perfectly to attract possible soul connections to the blooming, fertile body of the woman. The cervical mucous of the vagina also shifts slightly to reflect the hormonal changes during this phase, many women may experience a clear, sticky, egg yolk-like texture to their mucous during this time. This is the peak time of fertility in a woman’s cycle, so if you’re having intercourse - it’s a good idea to use protection during this time.


Emotional Wisdom & The Ovulatory Phase

This time represents the blooming potential of the luminous fertility inside of the woman. All cells are vibrating with excitement and openness as the woman utilizes her fertile energy to give, receive, and connect with the abundance of love all around her. As the rise of sensual energy flows throughout the woman’s body, her creative energy also reaches it’s peak. This time is highly coveted in the woman’s cycle as she interacts, creates engages in the world in a powerful way. Many women may experience a rise in energy, a feeling of divine sensuality, and a desire to connect with the beauty in the world.


Harnessing Your Power in the Follicular Phase

The body and energy of the woman is pulsating with the rhythm of fertility during this time. As women, it’s always been acceptable for us to give more, do more, and pour out more of ourselves into the world as an act of devotion. What if you changed this pattern? What if you used you fertile, sexy, creative energy that’s freely available during this time and bathed in self love? Can you see through the illusions of societies programming and truly ask your body what it needs during this phase (and every phase)? Use the passion of the cycle to express deeper inner love and self acceptance. Through honoring yourself during this time, you awaken the inner Goddess that simmers deep within you, waiting to be birthed into this world.