Womban Wisdom: Your Menstruation & The Moon - Part 1

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The physical body of the woman represents all the power of creation, the force of sacred intuitive energy that connects us to ancestral knowing.

Shakti, the creative and manifesting force in the Universe enlivens the body of the woman, making her the fertile ground for all of creation. The body exists in cycles, growing and transforming with the changes of Mother Earth &  Grandmother Moon.

As women, we receive the powerful deep messages of wisdom through the physical cycle of blood, the menstrual, or Moon Cycle. Just as the Moon pulls on the tides and transforms the Earth’s water, she too guides the body back to balance with her luminous light.

The sacred ritual and ceremony of a lunar calendar has been hidden from many who live in ‘modern’ patriarchal society. For too long, our female cycles and rhythmic way of living have been forced into a linear, 9 - 5 way of thinking.  The moon cycle is a raw, messy, and stunningly potent part of the woman’s experience and connection to her natural creative flow of energy, spiritual guidance, and bodily awareness.

The seasons of the Earth and their deep wisdom are also manifested in the physical form of the woman.

Together, we will journey into the 4 seasons embodied in the feminine cycle. We will learn about the physical anatomy of the hormones, as well as the spiritual and emotional components held within each phase.

Reconnecting with these cycles is an essential part of creating a balanced world. A world where the cycles of both the man, the woman, and all things are honored.

Through honoring the cycles of the woman’s body, we honor the cycles hidden within all things. As women, it is time to reclaim the sacred space of our bodies. It’s our birthright to be madly, deeply, and unapologetically in love with our bodies.


The Follicular Phase - Inner Spring

The first phase of the four phases of the menstrual cycle is the Follicular Phase or ‘Inner Spring. This phase highlights the time after the blood and cleansing power of the Menstrual Phase. When the blood stops, the Follicular Phase begins. Many women experience this phase for 6 - 10 days before cycling into the next phase of the cycle. Just as the plants begin to blossom during the fresh energy of spring, the woman’s body begins to bloom in the new energy offered by this phase.

Your Hormones & The Follicular Phase

Each phase of the menstrual cycle is connected to specific chemical messengers, known as hormones, that influence the process of transformation in the body. The follicular phase represents the time before the release of the egg and is supported by the rise in the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone during the end of this phase. These hormones help to build the lining of the endometrium, which helps to build the cervical mucus to support the sperm in swimming up the walls to meet the egg. In other words, the last few days of this cycle your body is at one of it’s most fertile times in it’s cycle - so it’s a good idea to use protection and caution if having unprotected sex with a partner.


Emotional Wisdom & The Follicular Phase

The emotional wisdom brewing deep inside of the woman mirror the hormonal changes happening at the physical level of the body. Many women experience a ‘freshness’ during this time as ‘Inner Spring’ begins to take place inside of the body. As the energy of the hormones focuses on the building of cervical fluid, the emotions of the body focus on building energetic power and radiant fertility. You may experience heightened states of energy during this time as the body enjoys the new, sparkling energy after the cleanse of the menstrual blood.


Harnessing Your Power in the Follicular Phase

Every phase offers a powerful energy that can be harnessed using specific practices to sync with the rhythm of your body. The fresh energy and new ways of thinking that come with the Follicular Phase makes this time a great time in the cycle to take on new projects, form new relationships, and set intentions for the lunar calendar ahead. Another way to connect deeper with the wisdom of this time is to use this fresh energy to nurture yourself. You are not what you do, and your worth does not reside in what you create. This phase of the cycle offers a fresh perspective on life, including a new chance to treat yourself with deeper self love and compassion through all phases of your cycle. Use the heightened energy during this time to practice self care like yin yoga, time in nature, journaling, or spending your time EXACTLY how you want to. When women take the time to heal themselves, the whole world heals with them.