Goddess Rising: Asha Ramakrishna

Every week, we use this space to feature an inspiring and empowering woman from the health, wellness and personal development community. This is our opportunity to connect and share with amazing women around the world, and this week we are so happy to feature Asha Ramakrishna!

Being trained as a Molecular Biologist and spending over a decade in Business Development & Sales in the Biotech Industry, Asha now mentors Evolved Entrepreneurs + Executives to clarify personal Fulfillment, ensure Work & Life Balance, and establish systems for Profitable & Sustainable enterprises.

Soul + Business. Go perfectly together.

Feel Good. Be Wealthy. Give Back.

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Passion Yoga School: How do you use your work as a spiritual tool?

Asha Ramakrishna: When I first started blending business and spirituality, I was doing Business Development in the Biotech industry. What I found was that having sales conversations were really more about soul to soul conversations. I was connecting to the person (prospective client) at a soul level, and so I started to see the work I did as spiritual.

In fact, I think whatever work we do we can do it from a place of service, and that in itself makes it spiritual beyond any meditating or chanting. 

PYS: The cracks are how the light gets in. Tell us how your core wounds have inspired your work.

Asha: I was in pain for a long time. I was going to so many different spiritual workshops because I was curious to learn more, but ultimately it was because I was suffering. I felt as though my sensitivity was getting in the way of my personal and professional success and I didn't have a way to elegantly feel everything and still get sh*t done. haha!

True, though! It was this pain that led me to really focus on a method that could eliminate my search, but also help me at a practical level. It is a very powerful method that I use and now teach.

What I found though was that the acceptance of the present moment was the doorway to both honoring what is alive in me, and also moving towards what I desire to create.

PYS: What is your worst habit and what are you doing to improve it?

Asha: Is this like one of those interview questions? haha!

worst habit.... eating cake. I love cake. I'm sure it's a sugar thing, but I love it. At this moment, I will tell you, I am not doing anything about it. Except laughing a bit about it, and having some compassion for it.

I'm sure there is more sweetness I am craving, and I honor that honesty about my cake eating. ♡

PYS: What advice would you offer to other goddesses working to actualize their potential?

I would say that #1 you are enough as you are right now. Know that life is supposed to have ups and downs, and in fact those sacred seasons of life, even if we do not totally understand them, have a genius reason for being there.

At a practical level: do what you can to re-program your mind so that it is an ally to your beautiful soul, and my favorite

.... always take inspired action. Be courageous, it is ok if you fall flat on your face, trust me, you will learn how to do things better. Learning to pick yourself up, not taking it personally, but using the information as data to feed your wisdom, is the most precious thing you can embrace about life. 

PYS: What does your daily spiritual practice look like?

Asha: I make tea. Sit for a minute in the quiet of my living room. Practice Ashtanga Yoga.
Then before going to bed I talk to my daughter about her day; that is probably the most scrumptiously spiritual thing I do. It is a precious window into her soul.

PYS: What secrets (past or present) have kept you from living in your truth?

Asha: Years ago I received a set of Feminine Principles in a mystical experience. One of the principles that has been central to my life was...

Connect to a Sisterhood; it will strengthen you.

I didn't have a Sisterhood at the time. I longed for it, and even if that piece seems off course in the self love journey, I found that being vulnerable to another in a sacred space has been one of the most powerful acts of courage and self love.

I am still in progress with it. Everyday challenging myself with compassion to go deeper, more vulnerable, and to fully trust another who is vested in our collective evolution.

PYS: Who inspires you?

Asha: My daughters inspire me. I love observing them unfold.

I think you should inspire one of my clients Valerie Marie. A woman who has come into her goddess nature in less than a year. So honored to have walked with her.