Student Spotlight : Danielle Walter Nolan

PYS: When did you complete the program?

Danielle: July 2016

PYS: Tell us about how you're now living your yoga practice.

Danielle: I immediately followed my yoga teacher training with a thai massage course taught by Julie Hickey. I actually just had an interview today and will soon be teaching yoga at a local studio and Thai Massage at the same place. Before I came to this teacher training I had already begun implementing more yoga into my daily routine, which definitely lead me to the Passion Yoga School. Now that I've taken the training I am continuing to implement ALL forms of yoga into my life, not just asana, but pranayama, chanting, reading sacred texts, etc. And some days it may just be breathing deeply when writing emails but I feel SO much better and more mindful about my life, journey, and work. I am also excited to be continuing my yogic path with more training in the future!

PYS: What was the biggest change you saw in your being after the experience?

Danielle: The biggest change I see in myself – what a loaded question! Before I came to Costa Rica I thought I had already gone through hell, not that we went through hell, but it was an emotional hell, emotional love, and everything in between! LOL, and well, I guess for me, I had to step back and look at myself head on, square in the eyes, to begin my transformation, and I had not done that before. It was always other people looking at me with questions, answers, reason’s why, etc. This program taught me to do my own dirty work, and without judgment. It's a continual process but I am forever grateful for the journey we all took together. I'm seeing now with BOTH eyes open, I've learned there's a much larger world out there that I’m ready to fully dive into. The vision that I see for me now is much different, but it's actually much better that I had ever imagined.

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