Student Spotlight : Sarah Albert

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PYS: When did you complete the program?

Sarah: March 2016

PYS: Tell us about how you're now living your yoga practice.

Sarah: Since graduating from Passion Yoga School, I have been living my yoga practice on and off the mat, in the kitchen, at new studios, through different employment opportunities, and as fiercely as possible!  I still chant the mantras we learned and have continued to read our texts and notes to stay connected to the jungle goddess you groomed me into.  From making malas, to fermenting foods, I strive to stay present, without attachment.  My understanding of yoga is that as soon as I feel I've mastered something, I become a novice all over again.  It's rocky and awesome.

PYS: What was the biggest change you saw in your being after the experience?

Sarah: Perhaps the largest shift I have witnessed since returning home is my blind faith in following my heart.  I quit my salary job, changed my diet, and have noticed my social groups changing immensely.  I've taught over 115 hours these past  7 months, and last week alone I reached over 70 students. I immerse myself in the conscious community, volunteer for retreats, and participate in more spaces.  Since leading a ceremony for the full moon in Costa Rica to pray for clean water, I've conducted two hour gatherings for the summer solstice and fall equinox.    I'm working with the energy body and trying to keep myself accountable to be a student of the world.  Kundalini has called my name, and I've been meditating to the Japji for the past 47 days, with a commitment to add another 20 minute global sadhana to my daily practice to praise universal oneness.  Whenever I slip up and notice the negative chatter coming back to gossip or self-harm, I reach for the skills on my yogi tool-(festival, sparkle, feathered)-belt.

PYS: Please share with us your social media links and / or promotional material that we can share with the post.

Sarah: I don't have a website just for teaching yet, but I do have some links to other endeavors: