Service is Sexy ! 2016 Highlight Reel...

What a year it has been for Passion Yoga School. 

Over 130 teachers trained, we opened a Women’s Sanctuary in Cocles, and have grown emotionally. Almost died like 10 times.... but we made it.

Seva (Selfless service) is sexy, and Passion gives back. Here is a highlight reel of the ways we were able to be of service this year. 

1 - BriBri Cen Cinai

In collaboration with The Village Experience & BarnRaisers of Indiana - we were able to construct a Cen Cinae in the small BriBri pueblo of Durupe. After many trips out to the jungle, meetings with the BriBri Elders, approval from municipality and more - it FINALLY happened! 
The center will serve FIVE communities  Bribri, Katsi, Dururpe, Boca Uren, and Santa Elena in the zone. This will support the children and the mothers. 

The project has prioritized honoring the CULTURE of the BriBri in every way possible, and it was a project born from the desires of the elders. You should see the handwritten budget they made me...  :D

You can learn more about the project here:


2 - Classroom in India

Passion has NEARLY funded a complete classroom for a small Elementary School we support near Rishikesh. A couple of years ago, one of our groups funded a Water Station for the school as well - you can check that out here. Photos of classroom to come once construction is complete.

3 - Computers for Caribe Azul in Playa Chiquita

With our international partners, the BarnRaisers, we were able to donate 10 computers to the Elementary School in Playa Chiquita with 8 more coming after Christmas.

4 - Playground in Carbon

We were able to construct a playground for Carbon 1, the elementary school where I taught English back in 2011. Thank you BarnRaisers ! (It even got installed in the RAIN !)


5 - Playground in Puerto Viejo

In collaboration with community businesses and generous community members, we were able to fund the Play de Puerto Viejo in town center. We had so much fun installing, planting, painting, and playing together! 

6 - la escuela de puerto viejo & cin cinae puerto viejo

We donated / installed a swing set, re-finished the tables and chairs in the classrooms, and offered in kind donations (a ton of soccer balls and more) to the school in March.

We also painted the new building on site at the Cin Cinae and updated their playground. :)

7 - Escuelita Lero Lero Projects

With our Passion programs, we were able to offer service days and funds to Escuilita Lero Lero to get them rolling on Organic Gardening and beautification of Jetsie’s new school! YES!


A BIG THANK YOU to everyone that attended our programs, put together fundraisers, donated on the side, offered their hands in service - and made this work possible.

Seva is Sexy. Conscious Business is Sexy. You are Sexy.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  


Are you awesome and want to give me money to do more cool stuff with? Most specifically... finish the classroom in India and get some more things rolling at the Puerto Viejo playground.

Send me an email please at . THANK YOU! (501c3 receipts available for donations over $500)