Rainforest Secrets To Aging More Gracefully, Positioning Your Startup In An Established Industry and The Truth On Sunscreen With Linda Lizotte, R.D. | VRR E08

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Linda Lizotte is the founder and director of Aging More Gracefully, Inc. (AMG), the number one nutraceutical company in the United States. Their core belief is, you are what you absorb. This has led Linda to create plant based solutions for chemicals such as sunscreen, skin moisturizers, body scrubs, etc. She openly speaks out against the limited training chemist receive when it comes to using natural sources as solutions instead of synthetic chemical ingredients which poison humans and kill our planet. Linda is a leading voice for cosmeceutical development using only ingredients which actually enrich the user. Exposing the ugly side of beauty where profits far out way health issues and long term impacts on the user’s health and DNA and the planet is where Linda invests most of her time. At AMG they promote the benefits of plant ingredients with no animal testing beauty products, plants do not change hormones or dna of the user, plants do not create biowaste and hazard to the environment. It what can be said to be a lifetime of research on skin toxins and how they destroy human health Linda found one ingredient in the amazon which catapulted the quality of her product ahead of anything else in her industry. She is a woman with a start up concept in a world of billion dollar titans; most of whom are men. By looking to serve the customer first she has cut a huge niche for her company and is continuing at a Hannibal’s pace towards more market share. Her story of focus and success is a case study for any entrepreneur looking to make it. Linda also believes we can better deal with emotions and gain spiritual awareness by becoming aware of our skin. To her a detox without bringing attention to the skin is not a complete detox. Chemicals reach the brain and the bloodstream directly through the skin because the skin has no liver to help filter the toxins. Skin is the largest human organ and it is too often ignored. The fundamentals behind Linda’s’ philosophy of “you are what you absorb,” could change how you select what goes on your body especially the Sunscreen you use. Linda does more than administer a successful company she works to expose what the big cosmetic industry is not telling you about the beauty chemicals found in streams, oceans and our blood. With a very responsive newsletter list Linda reaches thousands of loyal readers. She is dedicated to sharing awareness and tools to empower everyone for better decisions especially label education for skin care and topical applications products. Join us and Linda Lizotte, female entrepreneur, business mastermind and social activist who is taking on a huge industry by offering a superior alternative with real world health benefits.

Here’s What Else You Will Get From Linda’s Interview:

  • What product who claim they are anti-aging are actually aging you faster and why.
  • Deciphering internet information, filtering the good from the bad
  • How to read the labels on skin products, they can be more complicated than food labels
  • Wild adventure in the Amazon, what you can learn about getting on a plane
  • A simple green lead packed with protein you can eat
  • The one oil which is actually sexier and healthier than olive oil
  • The power and secrets of Moringa
  • Why skin cancer continues on the rise despite more use of SPF’s
  • Steps and mindset for fearless exploration and innovation in your business
  • The HUGE threat in nanoparticles diving too far into your body
  • The secret to getting your natural dosage of vitamin D
  • Why dangerous SPF’s are now being applied to a wide variety of topical products
  • The fatal lies behind chemical applications to the body and planet
  • How to use referred sales to increase your bottom-line and reach clients currently not accessible
  • The financial science behind transnational power
  • The entrepreneurial prayer for success and abundance
  • Using visualization to see every employee working in harmony for success
  • Using visualization to see every step in your products development
  • Some better ways to vote with your dollars
  • Using the power of prayer to build your ultimate business experience
  • What are Sun Plant Factors and how can you use them for effective sun screen
  • The 96 hour assassin killing our oceans reef systems

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