Raising Conscious Children: A Podcast

Real World Methods For Raising Conscious Children, The Power of Live Eating and Raw Beauty Secrets With Hillary Damato




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Hillary Damato is a live food specialist, raw beauty counselor, mother of 4, and wife to previous guest, Dr. Gregory Damato. She overcame a life threatening illness using a holistic healing approach. Her husband and children all follow a live food diet with serious daily doses of nature. Hillary is the author of several detox and conscious parenting courses. In this episode, Hillary Damato breaks down her secrets for raising highly intuitive and attuned children. How she runs a small business, co-creates with her husband, enjoys time with the family and makes time for herself. She offers her personal and proven practices for spiritual, mental and physical balance. Hillary also offers her backyard tips and tricks for healthy, glowing skin you can use for pennies on the dollar. Explore why taking time to make your own life experiments and discover how you feel (for yourself) is so important. Both men and women will gain insight into the other from this presentation, how women process men and the power of woman’s circles is covered. Hillary offers her ideas to grow as adults and for releasing day-to-day stresses in happy healthy ways by sharing, playing and using music. The joy Hillary brings to the table is guaranteed to light you up with passion for a higher vibration in your life!

Here’s What Else You Will Get from Hillary’s Interview:

  • 3 Daily practices to share with children to help create family bonds
  • Defining the radical concept of family playtime
  • Real world examples of conscious parenting and discipline when children misbehave
  • Forgiving yourself for any mistakes and moving forward the next day
  • How to effectively communicate with children how actions create emotions in others
  • The power of “sad-mad” and how to use it with children to help build positive communication
  • The life changing phrases of the Ho’oponopono Method
  • Integrating our shadow side so we are healed and at peace with the past
  • Using vision boards with children and helping them integrate conscious manifestation into their life
  • The ultimate vegan “nacho cheese “ dip with only two organic ingredients
  • Secrets for self-care and self-practice
  • The one backyard plant you would use as the most potent all around ingredient and beauty product
  • Karma free beauty products
  • The basic yogic principal of purification in daily practice
  • How to support children in starting with a healthy foundation in their body, mind and spirit
  • The very real truth of parenting’s spiritual path
  • How to make sure you give yourself personal time and creative ways to achieve it
  • Using the power of your creative mind to re-write poor decisions into more positive ones
  • How to use your mirror as a tool for transformation and soul journeying
  • What’s inside mother’s breast milk you may not know is there
  • And much more…

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