How to Raise your Personal Vibration: A podcast

The Secret To Raising Your Own Personal Frequency and Internal Vibration

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Dr. Gregory Damato holds a Ph.D. in phycology; he is a father of 4, husband to his amazing wife and holistic healing practioner of multiple disciplines. In the course of his career, going back a bit over ten years, he has treated just fewer than three thousand clients in Australia, US and Costa Rica. In this episode Dr. Gregory discusses the underlying principles of energy and how these principles can be used in very real world ways to heal yourself while getting more from your life. Everything is frequency and vibration which can be measured, mostly in hertz. The measured hertz of light, our pineal gland, and our circadian rhythm have been discovered to be connected in ways never known possible. We are only becoming aware of the quantum relationships between the smallest cells in our environment and our physical wellbeing. Explore with Dr. Gregory the truths which govern your internal and external environment and how this can lead to the release of joy in your life. “If you want to learn the secrets of the Universe you must think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” –Nikola Tesla

Here’s What Else You Will Get from Dr. Greg’s Interview:

  • Children have the highest frequency, find out why, because the answers will blow your mind.
  • Achieving the Theta rhythm and getting into true deep sleep with no pills or expensive treatments.
  • How to maintain high a frequency by picking the people, the environment and the foods which support and generate higher vibrations.
  • What is the 528hz Love Frequency and why it’s called the “G-d frequency”
  • A complete outline of the pineal gland as our spiritual center and clarity.
  • What are the three biggest calcifiers of the pineal gland and how to eliminate them from your body.
  • What is the “perception of life” and how our brains cannot distinguish between TV violence and a violent act taking place in front of you.
  • Getting your family to relish the act of enjoying karma free foods.
  • The 3 major phases of disease growing in your body and how to spot them.
  • What are the major benefits found in the process of coming back to our true self and overcoming the deficiency of nature.
  • What is earthing, sungazing and plant based living.
  • The very simple process used by those in the know to reach a place where you honestly love yourself and have happiness which flows from within you.
  • The one top food to take daily to break your pineal gland free from calcification
  • How to gain awareness of environment.
  • Why the Pineal Glad is the seat of the soul.
  • How you can discover exactly what you need to be doing right now on the planet .
  • Get rid of the silent killers you don’t know are hanging over your head at home.
  • Easing away from stress and anxiety and into your own bliss.
  • Nature and the return of your own emotional intelligence.
  • And much more…

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