How to Breathe Yourself Into Clarity

The Power of Clarity Breath Work



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Avani Ramirez international yoga instructor, clarity breath work facilitator and former city girl turned full-time jungle resident shares with us the mental alignment, cleansing journey and healing powers a simple breath practice offers just about everyone. Known as clarity breath work, it is the closest you can come to having a shamanic plant medicine experience without any plants or shamans; only using your breath. Avani talks about “focused conscious breathing being a practice as old as time” and this technique is a modern fruit from ancient trees. She notes it is distinct in how simple it is to practice and how quickly you have a full recovery awakening transformed from the process. Find out how breath work gives you full release of negative thought patterns and how it breaks negative habits. Within an hour your mind shifts away from self-destructive thinking into thoughts of harmony and balance.

With thousands of people worldwide taking part in this experience every month, the simple tool of breath with a simple to use technique is bringing ancient wisdom into modern lives.

Here’s What Else You Will Get from Avani’s Interview:

  • How you can within minutes begin a journey to health through your breath
  • The method used for accessing your subconscious to raise your personal vibration
  • How to break the blocking patterns hidden in your subconscious
  • What is the key to finding the answers already waiting inside of you
  • Who can participate in clarity breath work
  • Maximizing your Shani in breath and body
  • Prana yamas and what is the uniqueness of clarity breath work
  • How to achieving intention with your breath
  • Conscious breathing techniques leading back thousands of years
  • The get-real reason you need to take alone time when doing breath work
  • And much more…

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