300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training + Soulful Strategic Business Seminar

+ Optional 85 Hour Pre-Natal Add on

*This applies to our partner, Soul Rebel Rising

*This applies to our partner, Soul Rebel Rising

You will be able to register as an RYT 500 with the Yoga Alliance upon successful completion of the course, assuming that you have logged at least 100 hours of teaching since completing training with a RYS 200. If you choose to do the Pre-Natal Course, you will also be eligible to register as a RPYT (Registered Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher), assuming that you have successfully completed a training with an RYS 200.

Pricing & Dates

300 Hour Advanced Program: January 8 - February 10, 2017 

Cost: $2970 USD*

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Pre-Natal: February 12 - February 20, 2017

Cost: $1000* (+ 300 hr program), $1300* (Pre-Natal Course ONLY)

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There are 5 Modules in our 5 week, 300 hour format. On week 6, we begin the optional Pre-Natal Add on. The Pre-Natal section of the program will be taught by our collaborative partner, Soul Rebel Rising. Your Pre-Natal certificate will be in their name. You can also opt to do the Pre-Natal portion ONLY.

Please note that you do NOT need to be an RYT 200 to participate in the Pre-Natal portion of this program. Other women's health professionals are also welcome. However, you will only be able to register as a RPYT with the Yoga Alliance if you have completed a Registered 200 hour training.

*Price does not include housing. Most of our students spend between $400 - $800 on shared food and accommodation for the program. We are happy to provide support in your housing search and connect you with other students looking to share via our Facebook Housing Group. Most students book via searching Puerto Viejo de Talamanca on Airbnb

You will fly into San Jose, Costa Rica (airport code SJO). We start at 10am on the first Sunday of the program. For more information on how to arrive to Puerto Viejo, visit here. 


For the 300 hour program, you need to have graduated from a Registered Yoga School (RYS) at the 200 hour level. If you did not graduate from Passion Yoga School, you will be required to score at least an 80% on our 200 Hour Final Exam upon arrival. We will provide you with the manual and a copy of the test upon placing your non-refundable deposit. You will have all of the information and time you need to prepare for the test. This allows us to ensure a base line of knowledge and respect the depth and quality of instruction for our Passion Yoga School 200 hour graduates. You will take the test at 8am on the first day of the program.

For the Pre-Natal Program, you are not required to have completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training to participate.


Courses will be held at the Maha Shakti Center, a healer's cooperative and empowerment center in Cocles, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. It is about a 3 minute walk from Caribbeans, a local cafe on the main road. 


Payment Details 

A non-refundable 30% deposit holds your place in the program, and the remaining is due 30 days before the program start date. All payment is processed via credit or debit card on our secure online server. 

NOTE: This is an extremely unique format, and we anticipate to sell out quickly. Now is the time to begin the application process if you are serious about joining us in 2017 for this gathering.


Our method

It is important to mention that our Teacher Training and Self Empowerment Courses are not for everyone. We see the journey through Yoga as a sacred path towards more enlightened living. Our programs involve deep spiritual inquiry, profound philosophical understanding, and direct confrontation with and integration of our shadow self. The jungles of Costa Rica bring incredible wildlife, breathtaking moments of unity with nature, as well as dirty feet and sometimes uncomfortable heat. It is an opportunity to unify yourself with our sacred Mother, and this brings many lessons in humility. Not everyone is ready for that journey.

If you are not open to honoring Yoga as your spiritual journey to Source, our program may not be for you. If you are not willing to be in the fire for the sake of transformation, our program may not be for you.  If you are not willing to be fully immersed in the bio-diverse and humid climate of our wild tropical rain forest, our program may not be for you.


Bio-mechanics, benefits, and contraindications of advanced postures

Advanced hands on assists

Deeper understanding of musculoskeletal system as it applies to asana

Yin, Restorative, and Kundalini yoga explored

Specific asana in supporting the health of common states of dis-ease

Myths of the Gods and Goddesses

Subtleties of holding space for transformation

Sound Healing

Deeper look into Yoga History and leading thinkers

Upanishads examined

Fire ceremony

Faciliting Cacao ceremony

Essential oils and healing

Introduction to Cranio-sacral

Introduction to trigger point therapy

Bhakti Yoga unveiled

Understand your body type and its needs for maintaining balance

Explore the root causes of dis-ease, expanding on the energetic and emotional influences on health and imbalance

Learn how to deeply support yourself with food combining, conscious cultivation and preparation of food

Heal your body with specific asanas, pranayamas, and specific diets for common causes of dis - ease

Nutrition and conscious connection for the female hormone cycle


Yoga's impact on the primary body systems : endocrine, digestive, cardiovasular, lymphatic, and subtle anatomy from an Ayurvedic and Western perspective

A deeper look anatomically into the shoulders, hips, and spine

The vayus, nadis, and koshas explored

The life cycles and stages of the woman

Defining your purpose and setting your pricing

Conscious business in the new economic paradigm

Introduction to integrative online marketing strategy

Brand development, website psychology and social media positioning

Introduction to paid advertising, business blue-printing, and social prospecting

Customer relationship management strategies, list building implementation, and split testing

Hot seat, the yoga industry as it is today, and how to position yourself to lead full programs

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